Robert Horry and Richard Jefferson amazed at Kevin Durant’s performance; compare him with Stephen Curry

Kevin Durant drops huge numbers with his comeback against Phoenix Suns

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is a player who has light around him in some way or the other. Whether it is on the court or off the court, he is bound to make it to headlines. After missing 3 games straight with a thigh contusion, Kevin Durant made a strong comeback with the Brooklyn Nets. It is believed that every time he is injured, he bounces back even better. So he proved it against the Phoenix Suns getting 33-points for the franchise. But, his infamous controversial discussion as once again surrounded him off the court. Former NBA players turned analysts Robert Horry and Richard Jefferson were amazed at the statement that Kevin Durant delivered after the game.

KD made a strong comeback after his Achilles injury. But soon after fell prey to a thigh contusion. Now he is back again and scored huge numbers for the Nets against Suns. Playing 28 minutes off the bench, Kevin Durant scored 33 points going 12-21 from the field. While the Nets walked off with a close victory, the slim reaper had a word for his game.

He said, “It’s like riding a bike. You get your footing right and just get your rhythm going, and I think my teammates did a great job of looking for me all game, and I just wanted to resort back to that work I put in. The shots I work on at practice and shoot around, try to get to those as much as possible to gain my rhythm and then start to get a little more creative as the game progressed. It was a good start.”

NBA analysts amazed at Kevin Durant’s statement

ESPN’s ‘The Jump’ segment featured former NBA champions Robert Horry and Richard Jefferson discussing about Kevin Durant’s performance. Robert Horry said, “He called this an exercise. This is light work for him. That’s what you have to pick up on.” He added, “when he steps on the court, he makes it look so effortless and so easy… We both played the three spot, he just makes you jealous man.” Former Cavs veteran Richard Jefferson pulled out a contrast between Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. He expressed, “This is what made Steph and Klay and him so dangerous, is that Kevin Durant could be Steph Curry. If he just wanted to only shoot three’s and try and knock down ten three’s multiple times.”

Stephen Curry has a crucial part on the team’s offence. More than that, Kevin Durant is an all-round player. Kevin Durant has equal importance on the defensive end as well. The Brooklyn nets are solidifying their position in the East. Now they look up to Philadelphia 76ers being their biggest rivals for the conference finals. Can Kevin Durant help Brooklyn get to finals?

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