LA Knight sends serious warning to current champion after major victory on SmackDown 

LA Knight threatens to find and hunt down Logan Paul and the United States Championship.

LA Knight sends serious warning to current champion after major victory on SmackDown 

LA Knight sends a warning to Logan Paul (via WWE and @RealLAKnight/X)

LA Knight has made his intentions of going after Logan Paul‘s United States Championship clear. The latest episode of SmackDown featured the 41-year-old looking for the champion. However, when he was unable to find the social media influencer, he sent him a personalized video message instead.

After the show, Knight posted a video on his X account. He started by addressing Carmelo Hayes, whom he beat in a match earlier in the night. He claimed that the former NXT Champion barely skipped out on being the victim of a BFT. Thus, he should stop following the Megastar around if he knew what was good for him. 

Knight then shifted his attention to Logan Paul, who missed out on the show that day to attend the Tetris World Championship. The Slim Jim ambassador claimed that he liked to play games himself and was not afraid of entering the long game.

The Defiant One said he was not a stranger to finding what he wanted. The people that he wanted to see and the things that he wanted to take were not coming to SmackDown. Hence, he had to go to them. He threatened to find and hunt The Maverick no matter where he was, be it at Tetris tournaments, shooting YouTube videos, or doing podcasts.

Logan Paul sends in a video refusing to fight LA Knight

This threatening video by LA Knight was prompted by Logan Paul’s refusal to fight him. Although the 29-year-old was not present on SmackDown, he sent in a video addressing the former TNA star. He was upset that he had to waste his time addressing someone who had never even won a title in WWE.

LA Knight Logan Paul
LA Knight and Logan Paul (via WWE)

The Logang leader asked Knight to take his Temu glasses off and look around, because he wasn’t there. Paul claimed that he needed an actual challenge, unlike beating him. Thus, he was on Knight’s turf in Los Angeles, competing for the Tetris World Championship. Hence, he vowed to come home with another belt.

The United States champion signed off by claiming that he was the best in the world, and only competed with real champions.  Knight and Paul have traded blows online but have yet to meet face-to-face in over 11 months and have still not stepped toe-to-toe inside a WWE ring. 

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