Lakers star who played during Kobe Bryant’s farewell season, believes LeBron James will end career with 2024-25 season

LeBron James is still physically capable of playing at a high level.

Lakers star who played during Kobe Bryant’s farewell season, believes LeBron James will end career with 2024-25 season

LeBron James

Former NBA player, Lou Williams believes that next season may be LeBron James’ last in the league. Williams made his prediction on FanDuel TV’s Run It Back show, citing the possibility of the Lakers drafting James’ son Bronny with one of their three picks.

Williams draws parallels between James’ situation and Kobe Bryant‘s final season, which he experienced firsthand as a teammate. Lou Williams thinks that LeBron James may view playing with his son as a priority over competing for a championship, which may not be a realistic goal for the Lakers in the near future.

I'm buying it, I'm buying it because the Lakers will probably draft Bronny with one of their three picks, that's going to feed the beast where he wanted to play with his son... I've seen this movie before, I played with Kobe in his last year. He started that season off dead serious. He was prepared to compete, realized that his body wasn’t going to give him everything that he wanted, and it turned into a farewell tour.
Lou Williams on Run it Back

James has been hinting at retirement for some time, and Williams believes that the opportunity to play with Bronny may be the perfect way for him to wrap up his career. However, it’s important to note that James has shown no signs of slowing down due to injury, and it’s ultimately up to him to decide how much longer he wants to continue playing.

The Lakers’ trajectory and chances of competing for a championship in the near future may also play a role in James’ decision. If he doesn’t see a clear path to a title, he may opt to prioritize his personal goals, such as playing with his son, over his professional ambitions.

LeBron James’s son Bronny James could be key to luring him to 76ers

Bronny James is expected to be drafted into the NBA, potentially as a late second-round pick. Despite uncertain draft prospects just months ago, James’ stock rose after the NBA Draft Combine, with several teams showing interest, including the Philadelphia 76ers.

The 76ers’ interest in Bronny James is notable, as it may be a strategic move to lure his father, LeBron James, to the team. Philadelphia is looking to make a big splash this offseason, and pairing LeBron with Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey is a tantalizing prospect. While LeBron has downplayed the idea of playing with his son in recent weeks, the 76ers believe it’s still a possibility worth exploring according to Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report.

Selecting Bronny James in the draft could be a calculated risk for the 76ers, but it may be a worthwhile gamble if it means landing LeBron James. While the chances of getting both James men are slim, the 76ers may be willing to take a chance on drafting Bronny in hopes of convincing LeBron to join the team.

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