WATCH: Off night on court doesn’t stop Kyrie Irving from responding to Celtics fans’ chants

Kyrie Irving only scored 16 points against the Celtics in Game 2 loss.

WATCH: Off night on court doesn’t stop Kyrie Irving from responding to Celtics fans’ chants

Kyrie Irving responded to Celtics fans' 'Kyrie sucks' chnats

The Boston Celtics fans’ hatred towards Kyrie Irving is not new for the NBA world. The fans have not left the guard alone ever since he left the team. Now as Irving is competing against the Celtics in the finals, unsurprisingly the Boston fans are giving a hard time to the player at the TD Garden.

After stomping on his doll after the win in Game 1, the fans certainly let Kyrie Irving hear it during his poor performance. As the Celtics were on the winning side, the TD Garden was filled with ‘Kyrie Sucks’ chants. However, Irving did not budge as he encouraged the crowd to keep the chants going.

As Irving revealed expecting more from the crowd after Game 1, the fans came prepared as they taunted Irving multiple times. However, the Mavericks guard gave the same response and gestured the audience to do more.

Irving’s outing of the game was not far from his Game 1 performance. The star had yet another poor shooting performance as he was no help to Luka Doncic‘s incredible outing. Irving only scored 16 points despite playing 41 minutes. His performance played a huge role in the team’s loss.

Kyrie Irving revealed getting different treatment from the Celtics fans off the court

Ever since the Mavericks won in the Western Conference finals, the Boston fans have given a hard time to Irving. On the other hand, Irving has also responded to the fans on multiple occasions. After Game 1, in the press conference, Irving was asked whether or not the treatment from fans has made it difficult for Irving to focus on basketball.

To answer the question, Irving talked about his growth and perspective on the game. The Mavericks guard stated that he is aware of people expecting him to fail, however, he is focusing on the people who love him. Further, the star revealed that some Boston fans still admire him.

When I leave out here and I walk around Boston, I don’t hear a lot of things that I hear when I’m playing on the court. There’s a lot of mutual respect.

Kyrie Irving at the post-game presser

Irving stated that Boston fans appreciate what he does off the floor as well. However, despite stating that, Irving also admitted that he does take notes of the criticism he faces. In all, it seems that Irving is looking at the situation positively while keeping up his competitiveness.

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