Leaked Star Wars Outfits and New Skins: Fortnite Season 6

Seems like there's a new encrypted Star Wars outfits and skin coming to Fortnite on May 4th, Star Wars Day!

Star Wars Outfits and Skins

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 leaks have been at edge so far with the potent return of Star Wars outfits, Zero Point mystery, and even more. While Fortnite Season 6 is now live, not all of the skins are in the game. Fortnite has always been a victim of leaks by professional data miners and leakers. However, these leaks also create a lot of hype for the upcoming content. Although Fortnite’s season 6 is jam-packed with content, reports suggest that they aren’t done yet and there is a lot more still to come from Epic. 

Fortnite Skins are always a major part of the Fortnite Leaks. Cosmetic upgrades are the hotly anticipated deliveries of the game, and the leakers and data miners help players get a sneak preview of it. Some of the recent Fortnite Leaked Skins are going to be appearing in the Fortnite Update 16.20. These Fortnite Skins would include the likes of Harley Quinn and Princess Fishstick.

Fortnite X Star Wars Outfits
Fortnite X Star Wars Outfits

Fortnite X Star Wars Outfits- Recent Leaks

As Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 continues, players have seen a decent balance of new and old material in-game. With the latest update set to be released next week, recent Fortnite leaks on Twitter are suggesting that Star Wars Outfits and skins might be returning to the Item Shop for loopers to add to their lockers.


Tweets like this have overflown the twitter and reveals that the a new encrypted Star Wars skin might be coming to Fortnite as soon as on May 4th.

The 100-man battle royale is known for its mind-bending crossovers. Fortnite, over the last few years, has surprised its community with many collaborations. If some of the rumors are to be believed, Star Wars cosmetics could be returning to Fortnite.

Data miners believe that the loading screen is directly linked to changes happening in the map, which might unfold with the introduction of Chapter 2 Season 6. Data miners have also suggested that the Star Wars theme will destabilize after the 15.50 update and apparently, after the Fortnite update, will be sending out four waves over the course of a few weeks as it destabilizes.

While Star Wars outfits and characters make their way back to the battlefield, it is quite possible they could bring something else with them. Although the Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration is noted as one of the most disappointing ones in Fortnite collaboration history, there is always enough time for Epic Games to try again.

Fans are expecting a season dedicated to the DC universe, having already experienced one with the Marvel universe.

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