LeBron James hilariously compared to Shannon Sharpe’s grandmother after 13 assists in first half against Pelicans

James ultimately finished the game with a triple-double.

LeBron James hilariously compared to Shannon Sharpe’s grandmother after 13 assists in first half against Pelicans

LeBron James

Shannon Sharpe was full of praise for LeBron James after Bron’s outstanding performance in the regular season finale against the New Orleans Pelicans. James displayed a great passing game early in the contest, prompting Sharpe to compare him to his grandmother.


LeBron James had a plan of reading the game and finding his teammates, as he ended the half with 13 assists. At some point, it looked like he just wanted to guard Zion Williamson and help his teammates score, which led to Shannon Sharpe going wild over him. 

Yesterday, LeBron James reminded me of my grandmother. She made sure everybody ate first, and then she sat down and got her a plate… You see what he did? 13 assists in the first half.
Shannon Sharpe via First Take

Unsurprisingly, James has a reputation for passing first, which once again was evident against the Pelicans as he made sure the likes of D’Angelo Russell and Rui Hachimura ate first, in the words of Shannon Sharpe, before he served himself to the goals. James ultimately finished the game with a triple-double of 28 points, 11 rebounds, and 17 assists as the Lakers won 124-108 away. 

However, the game nearly resembled the drubbing the Lakers gave the Pelicans during the NBA In-Season Tournament. James’ partner in crime, Anthony Davis, ended the night with 30 points, 11 rebounds, and three assists as he faced the team that drafted him number one. 


LeBron James to take on the Pelicans again

The LA Lakers will kick off the play-in tournament against the New Orleans Pelicans, with the winner scheduled to face Nikola Jokic and the defending champions, the Denver Nuggets. The Lakers had closed the regular season with a resounding victory over the Pelicans. 

Furthermore, James, who received good words from his coach after the game, said the Lakers can’t afford to drop their standards as the Pelicans are after blood. 

They're going to be extremely ready for us, and we have to come in with the same sense of urgency.
LeBron James said post game

However, the losing team from the game will still have a shot at making it to the playoffs as they would face the winning team from the Golden State Warriors-Sacramento Kings game. The Lakers have been here before, as they navigated the same path last season only to be swept off by eventual champions, the Denver Nuggets. 


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