Steve Kerr promises special run in playoffs for Warriors despite seeding 10th spot

This season has been full of ups and downs for the Dubs.

Steve Kerr promises special run in playoffs for Warriors despite seeding 10th spot

Steve Kerr believes that the Warriors will have a special playoff run

The 2023-24 regular season was certainly not the best for the Golden State Warriors. After winning the championship in 2022 the team has struggled to even stay in the competition this year. Despite the best efforts of Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry, and others, the Warriors could not secure a top-six position. The Dubs will now compete in a play-in game to qualify for the playoffs.


Despite having a below-par season, the Warriors’ head coach, Steve Kerr, has not lost hope in his team. Even after winning their last game of the season, the Warriors are still the 10th seed in the Western Conference. After the win against the Utah Jazz, Kerr spoke confidently about the team’s playoff run in the press conference.

We have a really good connection on this team, good chemistry…I’ve got a really good feeling about what’s ahead. I think we still have a chance to do something special.
Steve Kerr via post-game press conference

The coach is not wrong about the Golden State Warriors‘ chemistry on the court, as the team has certainly performed better when all players remain healthy and active. Having said that, the team did win their matchup against the Jazz without their key players, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green.

However, the improvement in wins has only been the case in the final portion of the regular season. In order to have a successful playoff run, the Warriors need to maintain their winning percentage and protect their home court which has been a problem recently. The team must be dominant on both sides of the court to win a seven-game series. Moreover, they must win two play-in games to make the playoffs.

Steve Kerr and Draymond Green compared the play-in games to the NCAA tournament

The Warriors still have to win two play-in games to qualify for the playoffs. A similar competition takes place in March Madness of the NCAA tournament. HC Kerr put the two together to describe the team’s current situation.

Obviously, it’s NCAA tournament…Win the first two and get to the first round. But we have a shot. So, we're excited about that.
Steve Kerr via post-game press conference

Warriors forward Draymond Green also seemed to have found common ground with Kerr as he had similar thoughts on the play-in games. Green also compared the Warriors’ situation to the college basketball tournament.

I don’t know, just feel like we need to go win, but it’s exciting. It’s do-or-die, probably feels a little more NCAA Tournament-ish. Kinda give you that feel.
Draymond Green via post-game interview

In the first play-in game, the Warriors will face the Sacramento Kings in a fight for the 9th seed. Later, if the team wins, they will have to defeat the winner between the 7th and 8th seed to qualify for the playoffs. The competition for the postseason will certainly not be easy, as all four teams are only a few wins apart from each other. The Warriors need to bring their A-game to win both play-in games.

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