WATCH: “I’m the GOAT” – LeBron James ends up showing off after hilarious challenge with son Bryce James

LeBron James and co. are set to take on the Denver Nuggets in the first round of playoffs.

WATCH: “I’m the GOAT” – LeBron James ends up showing off after hilarious challenge with son Bryce James

LeBron James playing with his son Bryce James (Via: Open Source/screengrab Instagram)

LeBron James‘ son Bryce recently posted on Instagram about playing basketball with his dad in their garden. Despite LeBron often facing public criticism and teasing, this time it was good-natured ribbing from his own son. Not to worry though—LeBron quickly declared himself the greatest of all time right after.


LeBron James was seen practicing shots with his kid in their backyard. His son playfully called him “trash” as he lined up for a three-pointer, but LeBron quickly proved him wrong by sinking consecutive shots. Without missing a beat, LeBron confidently declared himself “I am the GOAT” in response to his son’s remark.

Why are you acting like that? What are you doing? That is what I do. I am GOAT. G.O.A.T. What are you talking about? Stop playing with me. Stop playing with me, man. 
LeBron James replied to Bryce James in the video

After the video went viral, fans started reacting to it. LeBron James has called himself the greatest of all time multiple times before, and it’s clear he’s not stopping anytime soon. It’s reassuring to see him sinking shots, especially as the Los Angeles Lakers gear up for Game 1 of the playoffs against the Denver Nuggets.

LeBron James’ thoughts upon facing Denver Nuggets in the Playoff Game 1

The Los Angeles Lakers are set to play against the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs to settle old scores. LeBron James, who reached 40,000 career points this season, is playing exceptionally well. However, James says he won’t dwell on past games or take the matchup personally.

It shouldn't be personal at all. I think you allow yourself to get away from the game plan if you make it personal. We have a game plan. Just go out there and execute it and you live with the results. I just stay even-kneeled. 
LeBron James after the Pelicans game

The Nuggets thrashed the Lakers 3-0 during the season, and they would have anticipated a 4-0 victory. But making it through them won’t be simple, though, since the Lakers are a formidable team with players like James, who has played in ten NBA Finals and won four of them. However, it won’t be easy for the Lakers team to forget the regular-season sweep, as even James had to admit, “They have our number.”

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