Legendary Georges St-Pierre picks ‘stylistically capable’ Robert Whittaker to upset Khamzat Chimaev

Robert Whittaker will take on Khamzat Chimaev in June.

Legendary Georges St-Pierre picks ‘stylistically capable’ Robert Whittaker to upset Khamzat Chimaev

Georges St-Pierre on Robert Whittaker vs Khamzat Chimaev (Image via Imago)

Georges St-Pierre had something interesting to say about the upcoming fight between Robert Whittaker and Khamzat Chimaev. St-Pierre stated that despite Chimaev’s undefeated status, Whittaker’s style and experience as a former champion had the power to make the Chechen look bad.


Georges St-Pierre recently sat down for an interview with Main Event TV. There he talked about the serious upcoming matchup in the middleweight division. Taking a stand for Whittaker, St-Pierre explained how Whittaker’s background in karate could help unsettle the undefeated wrestler.

Stylistically he’s very capable of doing the same to Chimaev to make Chimaev look bad. Robert has a very unusual style from a karate background and he utilizes his karate skills very well.
Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre recalled the 2017 fight between Whittaker and Yoel Romero at UFC 213. He stated how Whittaker won against Romero despite the Cuban being an incredibly skilled and powerful wrestler. They had a rematch a year later at UFC 225 which ended up in a split-decision victory for Whittaker.

St-Pierre said fighters skilled in karate have a different approach to fighting when it comes to style, timing, and distance control. The UFC Hall of Famer explained that since most fighters in MMA have their background in kickboxing or Muay Thai, fighters specializing in karate got an edge over the others. It will be interesting to see what happens in the octagon when Whittaker will take on Chimaev this June at UFC on ABC 6.


Adding to the stylistic advantage is also the difference in cardiovascular performance between the two. A point that has been harped on by many an expert including Joe Rogan and Michael Bisping. These two factors just might give the edge to the Kiwi-Aussie.

Robert Whittaker wishes he had fought Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre is one of the most respected UFC legends in the promotion’s history. He is a former two-division champion with titles in the middleweight and welterweight divisions. St-Pierre only ever lost twice in his entire career. Being such a formidable opponent, Robert Whittaker recently revealed that he would have liked to take on the UFC legend.

Robert Whittaker wanted to fight Georges St-Pierre
Robert Whittaker wanted to fight Georges St-Pierre ( Image via Imago )

The Reaper recently sat down with Submission Radio ahead of his fight with Borz. Talking about his dream matchup, the former champion brought up St-Pierre saying that he would have liked to test himself against the UFC legend.

There isn't really anyone that I've been dreaming to fight. There was a period where I could have fought GSP and I would have loved that fight just to be able to test my metal on him. I don't really dream of fighting people though.
Robert Whittaker via Submission Radio

Whittaker became the interim middleweight champion in 2017 when he defeated Yoel Romero. He got promoted to undisputed champion when Georges St-Pierre gave up the title due to a medial knee injury. Although unlikely that the two former champions will ever face off in the octagon, fans would love to see them clash on some other platform.


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