“He’s here to STAY!” Logan Ryan lauds Brock Purdy and believes 49ers will retain him as the team’s franchise QB for a long time

Ryan had the opportunity to play alongside Purdy, and he believes Kyle Shanahan loves his potential.

“He’s here to STAY!” Logan Ryan lauds Brock Purdy and believes 49ers will retain him as the team’s franchise QB for a long time

Logan Ryan and Brock Purdy (via CBS Sports/IMAGO)

Brock Purdy has come as a savior for the San Francisco 49ers. His story is one that will be remembered for ages to come; fans have heard nothing but positive aspects about the quarterback.

One of his former teammates, Logan Ryan, recently spoke on his experience of playing with Purdy and shared his thoughts on whether the man is worth the hype via the All Facts No Brakes podcast with Keyshawn Johnson.

Logan Ryan is an experienced veteran; he has had the privilege of playing alongside Tom Brady, so he most certainly knows what greatness looks like. While speaking about the prospects of him remaining the franchise QB of the San Francisco 49ers

He's here to stay. I think they're going to give him a bag, too. He's going to be like one of the highest paid. People will be shocked. Like, what? You're going to be talking about that forever. But, nah, he's here to stay.
Logan Ryan stated

Despite the 49ers delay in offering Mr. Irrelevant a long-term contract, Kyle Shanahan has made it clear that Purdy is their man for the future.

Right now, the San Francisco 49ers need to be wise with respect to their contract offerings as they attempt to keep Brandon Aiyuk on the roster.

The team is in the process of rearranging contracts and ensuring they are able to pay Brock Purdy handsomely without having to compromise on their other stars. Ryan, the team will end up making Purdy one of the highest-paid QBs in the NFL.

Logan Ryan revealed Kyle Shanahan has full faith in Brock Purdy

Speaking on the bond that head coach Kyle Shanahan shares with Brock Purdy, Ryan revealed that the head coach “loves him” and has continued to praise his abilities and resilience at every point.

Brock Purdy
Brock Purdy (via IMAGO)
He always would ask me questions about (Tom) Brady and stuff like that. In the playoffs, I think you saw, like, the 49ers were a team that's used to playing ahead. In the playoffs, we got behind a bunch and Purdy was coming in the second half going to get it, making plays happen...he's got this dog ability about him on top of the processing. I think he processed like a Kirk Cousins but he also has this dog in him that I don't think people fully see.
Ryan further spoke about his own experience with the young QB,

The most impressive trait about Purdy has to be his ability to remain calm in the hardest situations.

There have been many games throughout the season when the 49ers trailed big, but despite that, Brock Purdy did not panic or begin to make impulsive plays by expressing desperation. He remained calm and took the game back, one play at a time. To see this in a quarterback playing in his second year is impressive.

The future is bright for Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers. For now, the man himself is not sweating his contract because he understands that a big bag is headed his way. It will be interesting to see how well the team compensates him.

The bigger question is: can Purdy recreate the magic that he showed fans he is capable of doing yet again in the 2024–25 season?

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