49ers’ Kyle Shanahan ‘pumped’ to coach Brock Purdy this season after historic Super Bowl run

Shanahan is expecting more from Purdy in 2024, considering the QB has an injury free offseason this time.

49ers’ Kyle Shanahan ‘pumped’ to coach Brock Purdy this season after historic Super Bowl run

Kyle Shanahan with Brock Purdy (Via Imago)

The San Francisco 49ers may have a thousand problems going into the new season, but the relationship between Brock Purdy and his head coach Kyle Shanahan is certainly not one of them. Both parties have immense respect for each other and it is reflected every time they talk.

In a recent interview with NFL Network’s Steve Wyche, Kyle Shanahan once again gave his flowers to the Niners signal caller. From being the ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ to becoming the league’s one of the hotshots, Brock Purdy has come a long way. And Shanahan had the first-row seat in this journey.

Shanahan was present at the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando where he highlighted some interesting points about Purdy and his team. He said, Purdy, with his sheer brilliance on the gridiron, has maintained the rhythm which other quarterbacks have failed to do. Shanahan also gave a reminder that the other quarterbacks who made a start with other teams have changed sides while Purdy has remained significant with his old franchise.

It shows how hard it is to play quarterback in this league--I mean, there's 32 teams and there's definitely not 32 guys. And even when you do have those, the pressure for a guy to do it over and over, week in and week out, it's such a team game, it's dependent on so many different aspects, but the pressure is always on that guy each week.   
Shanahan told Wyche

In his first season (2022-23), Purdy did not have the good fortune to play all the games. He played only nine games but did enough to warrant the place as the starter in his second year. Last season, he got the opportunity to express himself in the truest sense, and boy… did he deliver! The QB broke multiple franchise records and was one of the frontrunners of the MVP Award.

Shanahan expects more consistency from Brock Purdy

Despite all the stellar numbers and wins in these two years, Kyle Shanahan is still not taking slow with Purdy. He asks Purdy to be more consistent on the gridiron. Shanahan believes that Purdy will achieve that consistency as he has a proper and ‘healthy’ offseason, unlike last time. Last year, he was recovering from a brutal UCL injury he suffered in the NFC Championship Game.

I’m just pumped that Brock gets an offseason. It’ll just be getting more consistent on everything. I mean, when you have a whole season to review yourself—[in 2022], he had seven games. When you get a whole season, there’s so much tape to go over that it takes a long time to get through.
the 49ers HC added
San Francisco 49ers' HC Kyle Shanahan
San Francisco 49ers’ HC Kyle Shanahan (Via Imago)

The Purdy-Shanahan duo did their best for the benefit of the San Francisco 49ers team. It is to be seen whether the team manages to have the same spark in the coming season and grab the ultimate prize of the league, the Super Bowl trophy.

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