WATCH: Massive BREAKUP on Raw! 33-year-old Superstar brutally attacks his own teammate after frustrating loss

Imperium's Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci squared off against The New Day on Raw.

WATCH: Massive BREAKUP on Raw! 33-year-old Superstar brutally attacks his own teammate after frustrating loss

Imperium implodes on Raw (via WWE)

The patience level of Ludwig Kaiser finally reached its threshold after suffering another loss to The New Day. He held his tag team partner, Giovanni Vinci, responsible for the loss and launched a brutal assault, ultimately breaking Imperium.

On the latest episode of Raw, Gunther made his return after losing the Intercontinental title to Sami Zayn at WrestleMania XL. However, The New Day interrupted them, resulting in another match between the two tag teams. After losing the hard-fought battle, Ludwig Kaiser was seen consoling Vinci, which ended up being a facade behind his cruel plan.  

The seeds for the implosion had been planted way before last night’s episode. Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci always tried to impress Gunther but failed to match The Ring General’s level of success. In fact, this was worsened by an unwanted record of losing the most matches last year. Unfortunately, the 33-year-old star had to face the consequences at the hands of his own partner. 

Although many considered Kaiser’s betrayal a cowardly effort, he proved his worth to The Ring General by showcasing his ruthlessness. It will be interesting to see how Gunther himself addresses this situation on next week’s episode of Raw. 

Gunther was seemingly the mastermind behind Ludwig Kaiser’s assault on Giovanni Vinci

Many fans have speculated on the reason behind Ludwig Kaiser’s sudden yet unsurprising betrayal. As such, it would be difficult to look past the fact the fact that The Ring General might’ve ordered the 33-year-old to remove the “weak link.”

Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser
Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser (via WWE)

Before the match between Imperium and The New Day took place, the former I.C. Champion was seen whispering something in Kaiser’s ear. The WWE Universe speculated that Gunther probably told him to take the necessary action in case they failed to win the match. Ultimately, that’s what ended up happening, as the 36-year-old gave a stern look to Kaiser, directly ordering him to teach Vinci a lesson.

I told you I could get it done
Ludwig Kaiser to Gunther on Raw

When the camera followed Kaiser backstage, he was seen telling his leader that the job had been done. Therefore, the conversation between the two has possibly cleared up the mist around the question of who orchestrated the attack.

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