Luka Doncic SLAMMED for ‘bi**hing and moaning’ as Mavs face disaster defeat in Game 4

Skip Bayless joins others to call out Luka Doncic for his constant complaining.

Luka Doncic SLAMMED for ‘bi**hing and moaning’ as Mavs face disaster defeat in Game 4

Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic has proven to be a dominant scorer in the NBA as he won the NBA Scoring title for the just concluded regular season, but his behavior on the court can be off-putting. This was evident in Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals against the Oklahoma City Thunder where he was seen arguing with the officials as well as questioning calls that didn’t go his way.

This led veteran TV analyst Skip Bayless to call him out for his constant complaining. Bayless criticized Doncic’s on-court antics while on the set of his show “Undisputed.”

I do get tired…He’s just b******* and moaning after every single play. On both sides of the floor.
Skip Bayless said on Undisputed

Despite his dominance on the court, Doncic’s numbers have dropped significantly in the playoffs as he has averaged 33.9 points per game in the regular season but in the playoffs has averaged only 26.7 points per game. In Game Four, he had a bad game, where he ended with 18 points on 6/20 shooting and a shocking seven turnovers while he also missed a critical late free throw which could have tied the game with 10 seconds left.

Furthermore, Game Five of the series will take place in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, and fans will need Luka Doncic to find his focus and lead his team all the way. He also needs a way to quit the antics and let his stats do the talking.

Bills Simmons also called out Dallas Mavericks’ Luka Doncic

Bill Simmons, a sports writer, recently discussed Luka Doncic’s constant complaining to referees on his podcast. He went further to express his frustrations when he said that he’s never seen anyone whine as much as the 2024 NBA Scoring champion. 

Doncic complained so much that at one point his coach, Jason Kidd, had to tell him to stop arguing with referees. However, his style of play has made him difficult to officiate, but his constant whining sadly has taken it to another level.

It feels like both of us, for as much respect and admiration we have for how talented Luka is, I think we’re starting to get annoyed by some parts of the Luka package. The amount of times he spends bitc*ing at the refs in person it’s unbelievable.
Bill Simmons said on his podcast

Furthermore, Simmons compared Doncic’s behavior to John McEnroe’s, where he said it’s part of his package as it keeps people on their toes. While it may be a tactic to get himself going, Luka Doncic might need to find alternative ways of motivating himself, as his current approach is not endearing him to fans or even the referees.

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