Manchester United manager reveals the secret to success for City and Liverpool

Does Rangnick continue as the Manchester United manager next season?


Ralf Rangnick says Manchester United need continuity off the pitch to find their identity like rivals Manchester City and Liverpool. The Manchester United manager thinks the club needs to appoint a manager who has a clear way of playing and can implement this over the long term.

Ralf Rangnick was asked whether Manchester United were in the position to have a similar successful structure to City’s.

I have not thought about that,” the interim manager said.

“I don’t even know the structure or setup at City. My focus was and still is, on developing the current team and getting best out of this season. City and Liverpool have continuity and consistency in their head coach, for past five or six years.

“They have very clear identity, how they want to play. I know Jürgen in person and I know Pep from his time in Germany managing Bayern Munich; he also has a clear idea how he wants to play.

“This is the secret behind their success: they know exactly how they want to play, a corporate identity. Not just for new players but for staff members too. This is what all the top clubs have in common. This is something that needs to be developed at Manchester United.”

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Rangnick on Manchester United’s manager next season

Ralf Rangnick Manchester United
Manchester United manager reveals the secret to success for City and Liverpool 2

When asked about whether Rangnick would continue at the role, the interim manager did not rule anything out and said that he has not thought about it, and is concentrated on the upcoming games for Manchester United.

He said, “I have no idea and I haven’t had any thoughts about that because my focus is on Sunday, and then the next game against Tottenham, Atletico… and to be honest there is no time and space for me to think about anything else.”

Manchester United currently sits fourth in the Premier League table, two points ahead of West Ham.

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