“Many fans love him, many hate him, but deep down he is…,” Dominic Thiem on Nick Kyrgios

Dominic Thiem has some nice things to say about Nick Kyrgios. Unlike earlier this year where he had refused to ever talk about Nick again.

Dominic Thiem L and Nick Kyrgios - FirstSportz
Dominic Thiem, Nick Kyrgios

The Aussie Nick Kyrgios is famous for his on-court bluntness. However, Kyrgios is very vocal about his views about the sport, even while skipping tours, like in 2020.

Dominic Thiem has recently shared his views about the fellow player. Austrian’s latest remarks are contradicting about the Aussie in regard to his personality.

”Has never been a guy like that, and there probably won’t be one anymore” Thiem on Kyrgios

Dominic Thiem - FirstSportz
Dominic Thiem

Recently, the Austrian has launched his own website. In a section on website, Thiem has answered 946 questions about his compatriots.

One of the question reads “Your relationship with Nick Kyrgios?”

Thiem’s answer is unlike his remarks on social media about the Aussie. He says “Unmistakable, unreplaceable, completely unique! Tennis can be happy that this sport also has such stars. There has never been a guy like that, and there probably won’t be one anymore”

Nick.Kyrgios - FirstSportz
Nick Kyrgios

Dominic has remarked the Aussie as a “very nice person”. He even cherishes their time in Acapulco, a destination that holds ATP 500, where Nick won the title in 2019.

Nick polarizes, many fans love him, many hate him. Deep down, he’s a very nice person, we explored the nightlife in Acapulco together years ago. Legendary.” Thiem wrote.

Obviously, the tour has no other player as entertaining and animated on the tennis court as Nick. He engages with fans and brings fascinating trick shots out of his pocket.

Contrasting to his earlier comments

Yet, this is the same Dominic who got into tweet battle with Nick Kyrgios earlier this year. During Adria Cup, Nick was straight forward and conveyed his displeasure at the tournament. Thiem exchanged some comments about Nick and even said he would never talk about the Aussie again.

Nick Kyrgios was fuming at the Adria Tour and lashed out at the participants. He even confronted Novak Djokovic, the organizers of the event. Thus Dominic Thiem and Nick have had a love-hate relationship. But Austrian has called Nick, irreplaceable and unique. It would be interesting to see how Nick reacts to the same.

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