“I’m taking her head off,” Mark Henry lashes out at female WWE star for major disrespect towards the business at WrestleMania XL

Damage CTRL lost their tag team match against the trio of Bianca Belair, Naomi, and Jade Cargill at WrestleMania XL.

“I’m taking her head off,” Mark Henry lashes out at female WWE star for major disrespect towards the business at WrestleMania XL

Mark Henry (via WWE)

At WrestleMania XL, Jade Cargill, Naomi, and Bianca Belair defeated Damage CTRL’s Kairi Sane, Asuka, and Dakota Kai. While most were content with the way things played out, there was one particular moment involving The Pirate Princess that was met with criticism. Out of the blue, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry lashed out at Kairi Sane for her actions at the Show of Shows. 

Following the aftermath of WrestleMania XL, Mark Henry made an appearance on the Busted Open Radio podcast. He expressed his opinion about an incident that happened during the six-woman tag team match. The World’s Strongest Man surprisingly showed his dissatisfaction with Sane for not getting out of the ring as the babyfaces made their entrances.

Henry didn’t go easy on Kairi Sane, as he even stated that if he were in the ring and she had done that, he most definitely would’ve taken appropriate action. He went on to say that The Pirate Princess disrespected the business by not getting out of the ring.

I'm saying if I was a girl and I was in that match and I get my entrance, and I come in the ring and I wipe my feet and I stand and step into the ring and Kairi Sane's a** is still walking in the ring, I'm taking her head off. Give me the f**king ring. I'm the guy, like she should've got out of the f**king ring. I was so mad. You gotta respect the business first and she didn't.
Mark Henry via Busted Open Radio

Damage CTRL ended up losing their WrestleMania match, as the notorious faction was no match for Big Jade’s power as she finished the match with a huge Jaded. The wrestling community seemed divided on this topic, as some fans found Henry’s remarks harsh but valid. Meanwhile, many fans supported the Japanese wrestler on social media. 

Dakota Kai backs Kairi Sane after Mark Henry reprimanded her for disrespecting the business

After Kairi Sane had to face criticism from Mark Henry, her Damage CTRL ally Dakota Kai came in support of her. During the entrances of Belair, Naomi, and Cargill, while Asuka and Kai got out of the ring, Sane roamed around for a few seconds, which infuriated the 52-year-old legend.

Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai
Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai (via Reddit)

The 35-year-old star took to X and sent a beautiful message to her longtime friend. She expressed her love and respect for Sane and stated that she respects the business as much as they do. Although she didn’t mention the Hall of Famer in her post, it was evident that it was directed towards his remarks. 

I love and respect Kairi Sane/Hojo and she loves and respects this business.
Dakota Kai on X

Kairi was overwhelmed by the support she got from fans and sent a heartwarming message on X. She thanked her Damage CTRL ally for everything she has done for her. The Japanese star returned to WWE at Crown Jewel and made her presence known within months by capturing the Women’s Tag Team Championships alongside Asuka.

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