“Is that a trophy or a statue?” Matt Barnes GOES OFF on Sixers’ Allen Iverson’s small-sized statue

The AI statue is not a statue after all.

“Is that a trophy or a statue?” Matt Barnes GOES OFF on Sixers’ Allen Iverson’s small-sized statue

Matt Barnes and Allen Iverson's 'statue'

NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson recently had his statue unveiled outside the 76ers practice facility, honoring his impact on the team and the game. Iverson spent most of his career with the 76ers and returned to play with them in his final season after playing for other franchises.


However, the Allen Iverson statue fell short of expectations, standing just a little over two feet tall and smaller than anticipated by Sixers fans. Matt Barnes expressed disbelief at the franchise’s lackluster effort for the statue. Statues of players like Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki highlight their importance to their franchises over time. Iverson’s dominance and influence were equally significant, both for his team and the game as a whole.

I know I might be late to the party, but what the f*** did the Philadelphia 76ers just try to do for Allen Iverson? I know the whole city of Philadelphia gotta be embarrassed for that sh**. Salute bro. Just got the street named after him. He should have a statue bigger than the arena. But that sh** y'all just did? That a trophy or a statue? 76ers man, that 76er organization, y'all gotta do better than that, especially for bro. That sh** is terrible.
said Matt Barnes via All the Smoke Productions

The 76ers have nine other statues, including Charles Barkley, Wilt Chamberlain, and many other Sixers legends. While statues are supposed to be bigger, taller, and more visually attractive, the Iverson statue is not a ‘statue’ after all. The so-called statue is actually a sculpture that has been unveiled outside the practice facility.


The Allen Iverson sculpture has been mistook for a statue by all

Only the 76ers press release has the word ‘sculpture‘ used for Iverson’s memento, which is the 10th installation on the Legends Walk. Even the team owners had been pretty clear about the type of honor they were bestowing on Iverson.

Allen Iverson is one of the greatest 76ers to ever live and one of the most iconic players in the history of the NBA, and we’re thrilled to honor his accomplishments with a well-deserved sculpture on Legends Walk.
Josh Harris and David Blitzer had said while announcing the honor

Iverson’s impact on the game is evident with a sculpture on the Legends Walk and a street named after him in Philly, as Barnes said. His style changed how younger players viewed individual play, showcasing dominance despite his height. Known as ‘The Answer,’ Iverson’s skills defined his legacy.

The bronze sculpture has sparked attention online, with fans and critics trying to grasp its intended meaning. Over time, the true intention behind the model will hopefully become clear to fans across the league.

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