Mike Tyson returns to All Elite Wrestling ahead of possible bout with Evander Holyfield!

Mike Tyson rushed into the ring to save veteran wrestler Chris Jericho.

mike tyson

Mike Tyson once again made an appearance at All Elite Wrestling, despite having his expected trilogy bout with his old rival Evander Holyfield . Holyfield and Tyson are set to run their rivalry of the 90s back, in a couple of months. Added to that Tyson pulled out of Triller’s Fight Club (under which he fought Roy Jones Jr., last year) in a bid to participate only under his Legends Only League.

His appearance at AEW, was brief but had its fair share of hilarious moments, as he made a surprise return to save Chris Jericho from Shawn Spears and his gang (the Pinnacle). Despite packing on a considerable amount of fat, Tyson still looked in quite a good shape.

Mike Tyson unleashed bombs on Shawn Spears!

Just as, Shawn Spears and his members (The Pinnacle) were attacking Chris Jericho, Tyson emerged, ripped his shirt off, landed a barrage of punches on the grounded Shawn Spears, chased their gang away and embraced Chris Jericho. Cringeworthy or not, Tyson has earned a fat paycheque for sure.

Here are a few Twitter reactions after Tyson’s appearance (via RT SPORT) :

This was complete sh*t but happy for Tyson collecting a check,” one fan quipped.

As a die hard AEW fan, I think I speak for all of us when I say he don’t want Tyson here,” said another.

“For a former world champion boxer, those punches looked f*cking awful.” – They sure were!

Since making his boxing return against Roy Jones Jr., last year, Tyson hasn’t stepped inside the boxing ring. He has three opponents in his mind right now. One being, Evander Holyfield, and the rest – Lennox Lewis and current heavyweight champion and namesake Tyson Fury.

What do you think about his recent appearance at AEW? What does the future hold in store for Tyson?

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