When is Minecraft The Wild Update coming: Minecraft 1.19 release dates revealed?

The Minecraft The Wild Update is the next big thing after the caves and Cliffs update and here are the speculations of the release dates!

Minecraft The Wild Update
Minecraft The Wild Update: Swamps concept art

Minecraft Live 2021 announced many new interesting features and revamps that have the players on the edge of their seats. But one question has been making rounds around the community, when is Minecraft The Wild Update coming?

The Wild Update in Minecraft is all set to be the next big thing in Minecraft after the December update goes by. It was announced during the Minecraft Live 2021 which also announced a ton of interesting features for the players to look forward to. Among them the most prevalent are the Deep Dark changes and the Overworld Jungle and Swamp biome revamps that has some great added features and changes.

When is Minecraft The Wild Update coming?

Minecraft The Wild Update
Minecraft The Wild Update

Minecraft The Wild Update aims at unveiling the beautiful jungles and the musky swamps to the players with some welcome changes with additions of new mobs, blocks and trees.

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The Minecraft Live 2021 was a great event which announced a bunch of new things to the player-base and the community. First of all it introduced the Caves and Cliffs Part II which is assured to the players and will arrive sometime during December. However, players need to note that the Deep Dark biome and The Warden are pushed back for the later update and will not arrive in the 1.18 one.

Minecraft The Wild Update
Swamp minecraft

After this, they further elaborate on the pushing back of Deep Dark in Minecraft and the relevant reasons for it. The earlier Deep Dark was just a cave like structure under the Bedrock but has now been revamped to form complete Ancient Cities under the Bedrock which houses the Warden, new blocks and many mysteries!

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Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update also features some revamp to the Birch jungles and others as showcased in the Live. Moreover, the biggest part is the Swamp update. This features new mobs like Frogs and a new tree called the Mangrove tree. These are all a part and parcel of the Wild Update that is soon to come.

However, even though a general time period for the release has been stated by the developers, a tentative time has not been revealed as of yet. The new Wild Update is scheduled to be released sometimes during next year, that is 2022. However, no particular date or month has been revealed and players can follow the Twitter account of the official Minecraft for further updates later!

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