Former AEW Champion confirms that there was possibility of him joining WWE before re-signing with Tony Khan’s promotion

MJF was close to joining WWE as he reveals in his recent interview.

Former AEW Champion confirms that there was possibility of him joining WWE before re-signing with Tony Khan’s promotion

MJF and Triple H (via Ringside Intel and WWE)

MJF is currently one of the biggest stars in AEW today. He is quickly rising on the scene. Ever since his contract expired with All Elite Wrestling, there has been a lot of buzz around him wanting to join WWE. However, it all went nowhere when the ‘Two Year Vet’ returned at Double or Nothing.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, the former AEW World Champion expressed that there was a possibility of him joining WWE. However, he revealed that, to him, sticking with All Elite Wrestling made the most sense. Besides, as far as future concerns, the Salt of the Earth lashed out, saying it is his own business.

Of course there was. Am I going to get into the weeds? No. At this point in time, this move made the most sense for me. I’m making a ton of f**king money. As far as when the contract ends, that’s nobody’s business but my own.
MJF via Sports Illustrated

Moreover, MJF looked confident in his skills. Therefore, he said that he doesn’t need a bigger stage like the WWE to shine. These were quite heavy words from the AEW star. He even name-dropped Vince McMahon during his return at Double or Nothing. Besides, the former AEW Champion has been quite open about his relationship with WWE and has criticized the promotion on several occasions.

Friedman recently signed a long-term deal with AEW. He looks to take his revenge on Adam Cole, who cost him the World Championship last year. With such a hefty contract, fans should expect some good showings of the ‘Two Year Vet’ from here on.

MJF claims he already has a Hall of Fame worthy career

MJF is a former AEW champion. Alongside his former best friend, Adam Cole, he even achieved tag team gold. All of his achievements were shown before his return to Double or Nothing in a short clip. Speaking of that, Maxwell Jacob claimed that he already had a Hall of Fame career.

MJF [via- AEW]

Speaking on Sports Illustrated, the Salt of the Earth boasted that he has appeared for a very short period of time on television. In this short period, he has achieved some of the greatest feats in sports entertainment. Therefore, at the young age of 28, the self-proclaimed ‘Better Than You’ believes there is no one at his level right now.

I've only been on national television for an extraordinarily short period of time. I've said it before, I'll say it again because it's true–I'm 28 years old and I've already had a Hall of Fame career. There's nobody you can compare or contrast me to, there's never been anyone like me before.
MJF via Sports Illustrated

In the same interview, Friedman revealed that he paid homage to Triple H at Double or Nothing. He went on to say that The Game’s return to MSG was close to his heart. Therefore, he tried to recreate such an iconic moment.

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