“OBEY THE FU**ING LAW”- Curt Schilling dropped FLAGRANT reply towards LeBron James for Brittney Griner’s detention

“OBEY THE FU**ING LAW”- Curt Schilling dropped FLAGRANT reply towards LeBron James for Brittney Griner’s detention

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Brittney Griner had made it to the headlines bearing her incarceration in Russia since February, owing to the discovery of a cannabis vape cartridge in her baggage at the Moscow Airport. LeBron James took a shot at the US authorities on his show ‘The Shop’ by criticizing them and clarifying that he loved the ‘beautiful country‘.

Back in the day, LeBron questioned the whole inadequacy in securing her release and that he would be in a mentally disturbed state if it was him being incarcerated. To a surprise, Curt Schilling had something to say of his, and it wasn’t full of a lot of sympathies as he lashed out at LeBron James.

Discussing it further, Curt Schilling a 55-year-old former MLB player and star pitcher was not only concerned about Griner’s ordeal but also blamed her for the predicament that brought the unfortunate incarceration her way. He shut anyone, who blamed the American law and made a point of saying this wasn’t the first appearance that Brittney Griner had made around the custom.

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Curt Schilling passed his verdict blaming Brittney Griner for her actions

Curt Schilling Brittney Griner
Curt Schilling Brittney Griner

Curt Schilling wrote a hard-phrased tweet and reply pointing to Brittney Griner’s lack of responsible behavior. “I know this may seem like a stretch, but something like 300 million people understand ‘OBEY THE F–KING LAW’, why is that such a challenge? And why on earth should she NOT pay the penalty for breaking another country’s laws?” he wrote blatantly.

He pointed out that Russia had a 97 percent conviction rate and not once had he heard her plead ‘Not Guilty.’ It wasn’t a difficult puzzle to solve that Griner might have a hard time at the law enforcement points at the airport. “She, as far as I know from every quote of hers, has NEVER denied committing the crime, not once,” he added.

Curt Schilling is still taking shots even after months of the incident at any tweets that try to take Brittney Griner’s side, something like she deserved a penalty rather than jail time. He wrote, “Really? Are you quoting American law here? You aren’t are you? This wasn’t her 1st go around with customs.” All said and done, the government has declared her release as its priority.

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