After Aaron Judge, Jacob DeGrom comes out injured following the game against Texas Rangers, MLB Fans react

The article explores the injury-prone history of Jacob deGrom, the concerns over his durability, and the potential impact of his latest injury on the New York Mets' postseason aspirations.

After Aaron Judge, Jacob DeGrom comes out injured following the game against Texas Rangers, MLB Fans react

Jacob DeGrom and Aaron Judge [Image Credit: Fox News/Pinstripe Alley]

Injuries are a recurrent and ubiquitous aspect of any sport, baseball included. However, the moment it happens to a renowned player such as Jacob deGrom, it can send shockwaves throughout the team and their supporters.

Following Aaron Judge’s injury, the New York Mets’ confidence has been rattled yet again, as their ace pitcher was pulled out from Friday night’s game against the Texas Rangers due to an apparent injury.

DeGrom was in excellent form, holding the Yankees hitless for three innings until he surrendered his first hit. Nevertheless, after pitching for 50 pitches across 3 2/3 innings, the trainers and the pitching coach Mike Maddux met him at the mound, and deGrom was forced to exit the game due to the injury.

This is the second time in less than two weeks that deGrom has left a quality start early due to injury, raising red flags about his durability and stamina. Although deGrom is undeniably one of the most exceptional pitchers in the game when he’s healthy, his recent record has been plagued with significant durability concerns over his last two seasons with the New York Mets.

Even though it is too early to speculate about the nature of his injury, it’s unquestionably a concerning development for the star pitcher, who recently signed a lucrative five-year deal worth $185 million with the Texas Rangers this offseason.

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The unsettling durability concerns over Jacob deGrom’s future

Jacob DeGrom
Jacob DeGrom ( Image via Sporting News )

Jacob deGrom’s injury history is a gnawing issue for the New York Mets and their devoted supporters. In 2021 and 2022, he only made a combined total of 26 starts, which is an alarming drop from his earlier performances. To make matters worse, this is the fifth instance in his career where deGrom has held his opponents to zero runs but only lasted between three and four innings, signifying an unsettling trend for the team and the fans.

According to thecomeback, The Mets are banking on deGrom’s injury not being severe and that he will quickly regain his form. Nevertheless, given his history, the team will have to exercise caution and handle him with care to prevent any long-term damage. Losing their ace pitcher could have severe implications for the team’s playoff aspirations this season.

Injuries are a regrettable and inherent element of any sport, and baseball is no exception. After Aaron Judge’s injury, the New York Mets were dealt another crushing blow with Jacob deGrom’s apparent injury.

Although it is too early to confirm the nature and extent of his injury, it is an issue that warrants significant concern for the team and the fans. Despite being one of the most exceptional pitchers in the game, deGrom’s injury-prone past has resulted in major doubts about his durability. The team’s playoff aspirations hinge on the swift recovery of their star pitcher.

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