“If you’re good at something, never do it for free”-Aaron Judge to settle for nothing less than $40 million a year

Will the New York Yankees be able to hold onto their star player?

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge
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Aaron Judge homered again on Monday night, and it appears that each time he goes deep, his future pockets grow deeper. The pending free agent has 43 points on the season, and Sal and Gio agree that the MVP candidate is positioning himself to earn a salary of $40 million per year.

It has to be,” Gio said of the $40 million AAV. “I think he’s gonna want $300 million,” Sal replied.“That’s where I think the Yankees are gonna be more hesitant,” Gio added. “Not the $40 million per year. It’s how old is he going to be at the end of this contract.”

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What’s is going to cost the Yankees to keep Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

The Yankees initially offered Aaron Judge a contract worth $30.5 million annually, but that was before this historic season got underway. If Judge wants to stay in the Bronx, that offer will now need to be significantly increased. But what precisely will be required?

I’m not signing for a penny less than $300 million,” Sal said. “I think he wants at least $35 million a year. A 10-year, $350 million, is he gonna get that? Maybe someone is gonna give him nine for $35 or $40 for eight.“I don’t know if the Yankees are gonna be the highest bidder. I do believe he’ll give a little bit of a discount to stay with the Yankees, but if you believe he is going to take the most money, period, I think he’s gonna end up elsewhere.”

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