“Judge facing F**king Chicken pitchers? NO!!” Aaron Judge’s elite-status being STRIPPED by NFL RedZone’s Scott Hanson LIVE

ESPN double boxing Aaron Judge at-bats and College football, fans are tired of seeing their games interrupted.

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge IMAGO/UPI Photo

Aaron Judge is on pace to establish records under his name meanwhile NFL RedZone’s Scott Hanson proudly announced that the Broadcast will not be displaying anything remotely related to Major league Baseball’s HR record chased by Judge. He indicated that MLB is a bunch of chicken pitchers waiting for Judge to blast home runs.

On Saturday, ESPN initiated a double box to showcase Aaron Judge going for his record, cancelling college games for it. NFL RedZone was asked if they would be copying the double box but Scott Hanson demeaned MLB by saying none of that would be televised on their show.

Scott Hanson received a tweet, “@ScottHanson can you confirm that the #NFLRedZone WILL NOT cut into tomorrow’s coverage for live look-ins to at-bats for Aaron Judge, who is in pursuit of breaking Roger Maris’s single-season AL home run record?”

To which he replied, “Confirmed.  Will NOT cut away from the 🏈 to show chicken pitchers throw 4 balls nowhere near the plate.” The conversation sent disgraceful aura around the world of MLB and NFL.

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NFL RedZone was happy to show Justin Herbert and Los Angeles Chargers instead of Aaron Judge and chicken pitcher of MLB

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge IMAGO/UPI Photo

Scott Hanson did not stop on Twitter to demean Aaron Judge, he mentioned his view on LIVE telecast taking a dig as ESPN double boxing Collage games and Judge HR chase, “Let’s go double box for the first time today. You will notice that no pitcher is pitching around Aaron Judge in this double box.”

In recent days, there has been a debate about whether there’s enough of an appetite of those not already watching Yankees games to have ESPN or ABC cut into whatever event is currently airing to show each Aaron Judge at-bat. NFL RedZone has taken a deep dig at MLB.

Moreover, many college football fans and even many other announcers displayed their frustration with having their games cut into for Aaron Judge at-bats Saturday.

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