“Legends were born to rule” Albert Pujols pierces into the 700-HR-Club, ‘The Machine’ delivers 2 WELL-OILED HRs against Dodgers

Albert Pujols becomes the fourth player in Major League Baseball history to join the 700 home run club.

Albert Pujols
Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols loves reaching milestones in a spectacular fashion, Dodgers Stadium witnessed the great ballplayer smack his 699th and 700th career home runs. He repeated what he did while reaching the 500-home run milestone when he hit the 499th and 500th HR for the Angels against the Nationals in D.C. on April 22, 2014.

Albert Pujols joined Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, and Babe Ruth in the 700-HR Club after slugging 699th off left-handed pitcher Andrew Heaney in the third inning and the 700th against Bickford. St. Louis Cardinals delivered a shattering 11-0 victory against the Dodgers at the Dodger Stadium.

The world was quite different when Albert Pujols slugged his 1st HR, NBA Star LeBron James was in his high school winning his 2nd championship on the other hand NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ star Tom Brady only has 6 career passing yards.

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Albert Pujols has impressed the entire MLB World with his 700-HR-Club achievement

Albert Pujols
Albert Pujols

He doesn’t think about hitting home runs” Albert Pujols’ teammate Nolan Arenado said, “I’m probably going to say something people don’t like but he doesn’t think about hitting home runs. That’s what he tells me, and I believe him. With the way he swings, the way he works, talking to him, he says he never thinks about it.”

“And he’s not going to change what’s worked for him. It’s about getting on top of the baseball, back spinning the baseball and wherever it goes, it goes. He talks the talk and walks the walk with saying those things. And I really believe him.”

“If you wrote it up perfectly, this is what you would write” Triple Crown competitor Paul Goldschmidt said about his teammate Albert Pujols, “There’s been three or four home runs I’ve been absolutely amazed at. The [Drew] Smyly one at his eyes was impressive. The one in Pittsburgh. That one passed A-Rod (on the all-time home runs list) and was a game winner.”

“There was another game winner when it was 0-0 and he homered. And then the ones against the Padres. A two-homer game … kind of like storybook. That’s what I’ll remember. If you wrote it up perfectly, this is what you would write: Albert with the game on the line — and he actually comes through. Amazing.”

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