Alex Rodriguez HILARIOUSLY claims he “certainly can’t” give relationship advice to Travis Kelce on dating pop icon Taylor Swift

Alex Rodriguez has now jokingly claimed that he cannot give any sort of relationship advice to Travis Kelce on dating Taylor Swift.

Alex Rodriguez HILARIOUSLY claims he “certainly can’t” give relationship advice to Travis Kelce on dating pop icon Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, Alex Rodriguez, Travis Kelce [Image Credit: AP/Imago]

The buzz around the dating life of popular pop star Taylor Swift and NFL’s Travis Kelce keeps on generating. Ever since the duo were seen together, they have shaken the world. This topic has now reached the MLB side as former great Alex Rodriguez was asked about what advice he would give to Kelce. The Ex-New York Yankees jokingly replied he could not give him any.


Rodriguez, popular by his moniker of A-Rod is no stranger to the spotlight. Despite retiring from the game in 2016, the now-turned-Fox Analyst continues to charm the audiences with his stardom. His off-field incidents have played a huge part in his rise to the very top.

While Kelce and Swift continue to dominate the headlines, this is something A-Rod has experienced on several occasions. The MLB star’ love life drama has seen him date several high profile including renowned pop artist Jennifer Lopez. Her relationship with A-Rod saw the duo become a real Hollywood power couple, something Kelce and Swift are slowly becoming.

"I certainly can't give anyone advice about that."
Alex Rodriguez as per PEOPLE.

The reason for his hilarious answer could very well be given by keeping his past record in check. He though seems to be enjoying life right now with his current partner Jaclyn Cordeiro and his two daughters while working for Fox.


Alex Rodriguez shares hot take on Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift romance

There is no denying the fact that the relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift has broken the internet. Fans, experts, and even celebrities have shown support for their romance. Alex Rodriguez has now shared his hot take on this new romance between them.

Taylor Swift, Alex Rodriguez and Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift (L) Alex Rodriguez (C) and Travis Kelce (R) [Pic Credit: AP/Imago]

The retired MLB star thinks relation is good for the popularity of the NFL due to Swift’s immense social media following. He also thinks this helps in bringing the energy to the NFL and can take it to the next level. A-Rod commented on Kelce-Swift’s romance on E! News.

"I love it, I think it's great. It brings a little bit more energy to the NFL. It's cool."
Alex Rodriguez as per E! News

While some fans are enjoying this, some have expressed their displeasure with the attention this relation brings. One section of NFL fans are claiming the league for using this relationship for their marketing good and slamming them.

How will the relationship eventually pan out for both of them is an interesting question. While it is still too early to predict, the two of them seem to enjoying each other company and are happy to be on each other’s side.


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