“He’s done it again”: Angel Hernandez showcases himself as the most relentless worst umpire in MLB

Twitterati and the MLB fans feel that Angel Hernandez is legit blind.

Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez

Angel Hernandez has once again proved to the entire world of baseball fanatics that he is an absolute liability at his chosen profession, major-league umpiring. As a general pragmatism for umpires, if casual fans know you by name, you’re not doing a good enough job, which is absolutely the case for Angel Hernandez.

On Tuesday night, an umpire named Doug Eddings also followed the path of Angel Hernandez by being the most hated person on the Diamond in a game between Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago White Sox. A Toronto coach was ejected before the game started just because he was agonizing over the tasks performed by Doug Eddings the previous night.

Come Saturday, Angel Hernandez showed beyond doubts that he still remains the most hated umpire to step onto the field in Major League Baseball. Hernandez’s Saturday act included; Tampa Bay Rays’ Brett Phillips hitting a routine grounder up to second. While hustling down the first-base line, Phillips was thrown out with a little issue. But, for some reason, according to Hernandez, he was safe.

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Angel Hernandez’s vicious call and the hateful reactions directed toward the call

Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez

Social media did not let Angel Hernandez get past his actions, burying the embattled umpire for another blunder in a long career of questionable calls. To 99.9% of the people watching, Brett Phillips was clearly out. Unfortunately, Hernandez, who was the first base umpire, made it to the plate.

Ben Verlander, a Fox Sports MLB Analyst tweeted, “The play: Not close, The call: Safe, The umpire: Angel Hernandez.”

Another tweet read, “Breaking news: Angel Hernandez made a dogsh*t call. Thought Chavis’ foot came off the bag. Clearly didn’t. Easiest overturned call of the season for the Pirates.”

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MLB umpires have anyway been under questioning for plenty of seasons now, with MLB’s introduction of an automated ball-strike system (ABS) that would prevent debacles, Umpires like Angel Hernandez and Doug Eddings have taken up a cosy seat in their home and enjoyed the games having popcorns in their lap instead of having fan’s hatred in their chest.

Whether it’s “robot” umpires or an expanded replay system, there needs to be some obedience for umpires, who, despite frequent mishaps, continue to face little in the way of consequences.

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