“Won’t allow him”: Chris Russo claims Yankees would decline Aaron Judge the opportunity to accomplish 61 HR record

Chris Mad Dog Russo, posting via his Twitter handle @MadDogUnleashed, says the Yankees won’t let Aaron Judge get to 61 home runs this season.

Chris Russo and Aaron Judge
Chris Russo and Aaron Judge

Chris Russo went on air to vocalize his thoughts with respect to the New York Yankees and Aaron Judge, he directly suggested that The Yankees will not let Aaron Judge get anywhere near the record of 61 home runs in a season.

Russo, also known as Mad Dog, is an American sports radio personality best known as the former co-host of ‘The Mike and The Mad Dog‘. He was recently invited to ESPN’s First Take where the SiriusXM host discussed how the complexion of the sport has changed.

Earlier this year, Chris Russo targeted the New York Yankees when he heard that the franchise is going to sign a broadcasting deal with Amazon Prime, his ranting took another level, he said a lot of things regarding Aaron Judge against Tampa, including, “And I’m gonna raise hell. But I’m gonna be barking at the moon! At the moon.”

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Chris Russo unleashed mayhem after bizarre comment on Yankees and Judge

Chris Russo
Chris Russo

Chris Russo said on ESPN’s First Take, “There is no chance. The Yankees won’t let him get near it. No chance he’s making it to 61 home runs. None…I think they’re worried. They’re paying him so much money. They’re worried about wearing a player out. They’re worried about somebody getting hurt. They’re worried about pitch counts, and overload as far as 162 games, but it’s a major problem with the sport. It’s in all sports – the NBA player doesn’t play 70 games, 80 games either.”

Chris Russo suggested that according to him the Yankees will not utilize the entire strength of Aaron Judge and will definitely give him long-due rest in mid-September, continued, “How many players in baseball do you see pitching a no-hitter or a perfect game and they take him out of the game because he’s got a pitch count? I mean, do you think Sandy Koufax would take himself out of a game? Or Bob Gibson? Or Juan Marichal? Or Tom Seaver?

He added, “It’s a joke. And then, of course, the home runs are a disaster. You would think the Yankees would love the idea that they can make the single-season home run mark, get it away from the steroid guy [Barry] Bonds and put it back in the Bronx. Yet you know and I know there is no way. Middle of September, they’re going to rest him. In their eyes, the bigger picture is the postseason, so they’re not going to pressure him. That’s why they will not allow him to do it. I think it’s a major problem.”

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Chris Russo used to host a radio show with Mike Francesa at WFAN. The two ruled the New York airwaves for almost two decades as “Mike and the Mad Dog.” But the duo split in 2008 when Russo bolted for SiriusXM.

Aaron Judge is chasing the record of 61 homer runs, list as follows:

  • 61: Roger Maris, 1961
  • 60: Babe Ruth, 1927
  • 59: Babe Ruth, 1921
  • 54: Babe Ruth, 1920
  • 54: Babe Ruth, 1928

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