“We move in a pack now,” MLB great Derek Jeter opens up about 2023 Christmas plans with family ahead of wintery holidays

Derek Jeter talks about what it means to be a father and how he is looking forward to their Christmas vacations with his family during an interview with People.

“We move in a pack now,” MLB great Derek Jeter opens up about 2023 Christmas plans with family ahead of wintery holidays

Derek Jeter along with his wife Hannah and their three daughters. (Image via People Magazine)

As the 2023 festive period approaches, Derek Jeter is actively preparing for the celebrations. In conversation with a magazine, amidst the launch of new baseball and softball amenities at Kalamazoo Central High School—his old stomping ground—the renowned sportsman, aged 49, divulged his family’s plans for the Yuletide season. “The festive season is, without a doubt, among the most delightful times,” Jeter remarked.

Referring to the joy visible on his children’s countenances—his two daughters River Rose, nearing two years old, Story Grey, aged four, his six-year-old daughter Bella Raine, and his half-a-year-old son Kaius Green—all of whom he parents with his spouse, Hannah Davis Jeter. Being with family is of paramount importance to him, Jeter elaborated. He treasures the opportunity to gather with loved ones over the holidays.


As a former athlete who claimed victory in the World Series five times with the New York Yankees, he firmly believes it to be the year’s pinnacle. Jeter conceded that despite the happiness the season brings him and his household, organizing it can be somewhat daunting. “It’s challenging for us to move out,” he confessed.

"We like to do things together as a family, but we move in a pack now...We hear what they want 12 months out of the year. I don't think it's any different when Santa is coming."
Derek Jeter during interview with People.

During his twenty-year tenure with the New York Yankees, Derek Jeter achieved a remarkable collection of accolades including five World Series titles, an equal number of Silver Slugger awards, and the distinction of Rookie of the Year. Following his retirement in 2014, Jeter has shifted his focus. As a father to three children, the 49-year-old is now preparing for one of the most hectic seasons.

Derek Jeter and Hannah can easily fulfill their kids’ Christmas holiday wishes

In terms of their precise holiday itineraries, the father of four revealed they plan to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas at home. Jeter highlighted the importance of being at home for Christmas morning to allow the children to experience the full magic of the occasion. When asked whether his older daughters have started drafting their requests for Santa Claus, Jeter confirmed both Bella and Story are well ahead with their wishes.

Derek Jeter and Hannah
Derek Jeter and Hannah [Image Credit- People]

He chuckled, noting that the concept of Christmas being confined to December is elusive to them. They communicate their desires all year round. Santa’s impending visit doesn’t change that, he said. While many families face the challenge of strict budgets for Christmas presents, such constraints are less likely to trouble the Jeter family.

With Derek Jeter’s glowing reputation in Major League Baseball (MLB) and his occasional appearances as a FOX sports analyst, working with former teammate Alex Rodriguez, financial concerns are somewhat eased. The Jeter children are in the early stages of their lives with ample room for growth. It is conceivable that as they mature, their requests may become less frequent. Regardless, they are certainly in a fortunate position to have such a dedicated father.

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