“Aaron Boone must go”- Fans demand Aaron Boone be fired following the 8-2 defeat against the Boston Red Sox

The New York Yankees to miss out on the Wild Card round- and people blame Aaron Boone for it.

Aaron Boone
Aaron Boone
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Last night, their rival Boston Red Sox defeated the New York Yankees once more- and it was not looking good for Aaron Boone. With the loss, New York’s record in their previous 10 games slipped to 2-8. It’s strange to see the Yankees go through such a slump after their hot start, but in a 162-game season, that’s to be expected. Unfortunately, baseball fans in New York are accustomed to losing to Boston. It was made worse, though, by Clay Holmes’ missed save.

In 11 outings as closer, the formerly surehanded Holmes has blown three saves, raising major doubts about his long-term ability to succeed Aroldis Chapman. Many questioned why Holmes was placed in that scenario by Boone in the first place after yet another terrible performance by Holmes.

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Holmes agrees something’s off with Aaron Boone

Clay Holmes
Clay Holmes

Now, New York won’t miss the playoffs because doing so would take a historic failure and outside assistance. However, it’s reasonable to question Boone’s judgement when it’s obvious that Holmes simply lacks it at this time. He might benefit from a couple chances in lower-pressure circumstances to get back to his old form.

Holmes even acknowledged after the game that something is wrong right now: “I think it’s just a matter of getting back to what made me good, what I was doing then,” Holmes said. “I was being aggressive in the zone early. When I get ahead of hitters, they have to swing the bat and make different decisions. I don’t feel like I’m far off, but again, those walks hurt me. This can’t happen.”

Exactly, it cannot. The Yankees are still comfortably ranked No. 2 in the American League, which means they will not advance to the Wild Card stage of the playoffs under the current format.

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