“When is it Boone day off?” – Fans slam Yankees manager Aaron Boone for sitting DJ LeMahieu and remark on Anthony Volpe

Fans of the New York Yankees have been left unimpressed by the decisions of Aaron Boone in the past few weeks

“When is it Boone day off?” – Fans slam Yankees manager Aaron Boone for sitting DJ LeMahieu and remark on Anthony Volpe

[NY Yankees manager Aaron Boone. Pic Credit: New York Post]

The New York Yankees are in crisis. The most successful team in the history of MLB is struggling for consistency this season. Injuries to key players like Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, along with the poor performances from several big names, have contributed to it. They are currently bottom of the American League East table with a 20-17 record, and manager Aaron Boone is facing the heat.


Comparing their record to the AL Central toppers Minnesota Twins (19-17), one would suggest that it’s nothing to fear for the Yankees. However, the competition in the AL East has sparked up this year. There have been some players who have shown promising signs at the start but have failed to live up since then. Anthony Volpe is one of them. The youngster started off the season in great form and had also made headlines, but his recent performances have made it a tough outing for him.

There was a lot of hype following the spring training revolving around the Volpe. The 22-year-old was even named in the opening day roster. He is currently batting at an average of .205 and has three home runs to his name. However, his manager has backed him and labeled his struggles as bad luck.

Meanwhile, the Yankee faithful have bashed the manager. It is not for his decision to allow Volpe to continue as lead-off hitter despite the availability of Judge. It is because of the reason he gave on why Volpe was a lead-off hitter. DJ LeMahieu was taking a day off. This has not gone down well with the fans, who have now started to question why this was allowed by Boone.


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Yankees fans left furious on Twitter regarding Aaron Boone’s decisions

[Aaron Boone. Pic Credit: Pinstripe Alley]

Appearing at the Talkin Yanks podcast, Aaron Boone talked about how Volpe is facing bad luck. “It’s also important to see Volpe the last few days has run into some tough luck. He hits a ball to the fence to start the game yesterday; smokes another ball that the third baseman makes a really good play on him,” Boone said while backing Anthony Volpe.

The rookie has taken over the responsibility of leading out the batting line-up by going first. This is due to the absence of Aaron Judge. The Yankee faithful are angry and slamming Boone for giving a day off to DJ LeMahieu. The third baseman is hitting with an average of .370 with a seven-game hit streak. Here are some of the reactions from Twitter.

Boone will now have the option of Judge as the Yankee captain returns from an injury. His return gives the Yankees a significant boost in terms of morale. He is currently hitting with an average of .261 and has six home runs and fourteen RBIs to his name. If the New York Yankees were to turn around their season, they would have to do it as a team. The next few games are said to be crucial for the future of manager Aaron Boone.


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