“Isn’t she just Adorable”- Francisco Lindor’s daughter charms the MLB Nation with her cuteness

“Isn’t she just Adorable”- Francisco Lindor’s daughter charms the MLB Nation with her cuteness

Francisco Lindor and his daughter

On Saturday, the 8th of October 2022, the New York Mets defeated the San Diego Padres by a margin of 7-3. All the credit goes to Francisco Lindor who helped lead the team to their win in the second game. Francisco Lindor hit a home run in the match and later spoke to the press that he was looking froward the next game.

After the second game against the San Diego Padres, shortstop Francisco Lindor, who is 28 years old attended a press conference, where the crowd was not as interested in him, than his 2-year-old daughter, Kalina Lindor who sat on his lap the entire press conference, while Lindor did all the talking.

Lindor and his wife Katia Reguero Lindor became first-time parents in November 2020, when their daughter Kalina was born. The couple are quite prevalent on social media, where they can be seen posting pictures on one another.

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Reactions to the cute dad-daughter conversation between Francisco Lindor and Kalina

Francisco Lindor with his wife and daughter
Francisco Lindor with his wife and daughter

During the press conference after the second match between the New York Mets and the San Diego Padres, Fransisco Lindor’s daughter Kalina spotted Mets’ manager Buck Showalter. “Papa, Buck!” she said, tilting her head and pointing at Showalter. “Yeah Buck left,” Lindor replied to his daughter. The reporters began to laugh as Lindor told them, “She loves Buck.”

MLB uploaded this cute moment on their official twitter, with the caption “Safe to say Francisco Lindor’s daughter likes Buck,” the caption for the clip said. Twitter users stormed the comment section with different comments. One wrote “This is absolutely amazing. Buck is loved by all!” while another commented “I try to not like lindor and y’all just keep making it harder.”

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