“Would have taken ATL deal”: Freddie Freeman sacks double-dealing agent for camouflaging his startling trade

During Freddie Freeman's return to Atlanta, he learned that his agent, Casey Close, didn't tell him about a final Braves extension offer.

Freddie Freeman
Freddie Freeman

Los Angeles Dodgers’ first baseman Freddie Freeman has reportedly fired his agent after telling friends he was furious with how his free-agent negotiations played out. Freeman was represented by Excel Sports Management. When the trade between Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers took place, it was considered one of the strangest deals in baseball.

The lead negotiator allotted to him was Casey Close, who has been accused of not sharing the details regarding the Atlanta Braves’ final contract offer. He was fired when Freddie Freeman came back from his visit to the Atlanta Braves stadium, he got to know the deceitful personality of his agent.

Freddie Freeman is now listed as self-represented. He was deeply honoured by the Atlanta Braves crowd and former teammates when he received his World Series ring at Truist Park. The atmosphere was quite sorrowful in the stadium when the Atlanta Braves fan saw their champion return in the colours of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Freddie Freeman’s cumbrous trade turned into his agent’s insincere trade

Freddie Freeman
Freddie Freeman

A detail like this would definitely leave Freddie Freeman frustrated because he has had 12 lovely seasons with the Atlanta Braves, knowing that he had an opportunity to stay in Atlanta with a better offer, couldn’t allow Freddie to not fire Casey Chase.

  • Here is the timeline showcased for Freddie Freeman’s trade:
  • Atlanta offers a 5-year, $135M contract per year.
  • Atlanta raises it to 5 years, $140M after the lockout.
  • March 12: Atlanta gave a 1-hour deadline to accept 6 years, $175M or 5 years, $165M.
  • March 14: Atlanta trades for Olson.
  • March 17: Freeman signs with LA

Doug Gottlieb tweeted, “Casey Close never told Freddie Freeman about the Braves’ final offer, that is why Freeman fired him. He found out in Atlanta this weekend. It isn’t that rare to have to happen in MLB, but it happened – Close knew Freddie would have taken the ATL deal”

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Clayton Kershaw had this to say to the AJC over the weekend, “It was very cool (to see Freeman’s reception Friday night). He’s obviously been a big contributor to our team. And I hope we’re not second fiddle. It’s a pretty special team over here, too. I think whenever he gets comfortable over here, he’ll really enjoy it. It was a good night for him (Friday).”

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