“I feel amazing” – Jose Azocar lifts Padres in the 10th inning to a 3-2 win over Brewers

The San Diego Padres scored another one-run game where Padres rookie Jose Azocar singled home Manny Machado in the 10th inning.

Jose Azocar leads the San Diego Padres to win
Jose Azocar leads the San Diego Padres to win

The San Diego Padres’ golden rookie, Jose Azocar lifted up the team by single homing Manny Machado with 2 outs and bases loaded in the 10th inning to a 3-2 win against the NL Central-leading Milwaukee Brewers. The game took place on Monday in San Diego. It is stated that veteran manager Bob Melvin had absolute faith in Jose  Azocar and Jose in return delivered the faith to its rightful place.

Jose lined a single out in the centre field to help bring out Manny Machado and lift the team to a 3-2 win against the Brewers on Monday night for their 5th straight victory. Jose entered the grounds as a pinch-runner for Luke Voit in the 7th inning as he continued to play as the designated hitter. Melvin’s trust at Jose’s at-bat came by as Jose singled led off the ninth innings. The Padres star, Manny Machado couldn’t come up with the clutch hits but nevertheless, his team picked him up to win the series opener with the Brewers.

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“I feel amazing” – Jose Azocar picks up the Padres to win their 5th straight victory

Jose Azocar leads the San Diego Padres to win
Jose Azocar leads the San Diego Padres to win

Veteran manager Bob Malvin noted as Jose Azocar led the series, “I’m thrilled for him,”. “It’s a decision, too. He hasn’t been up in spots like that before. His first at-bat had a lot to do with getting that second at-bat. A guy like Austin Nola is a guy I’m thinking about as well, who you know is going to probably put it in play and has an idea.” 

But Melvin’s reason to stick with Jose wasn’t because of something like this, “the at-bat he had before and he looked pretty calm up there. Really thrilled for him. This is a kid who really worked hard for us and has come a long way. I’m sure his phone is probably blowing up tonight and that’s the biggest thrill of his major league career.” He’s picking up Machado from 3rd with 2 outs at the end of the 10th inning, setting the ground for the Padre’s win, as noted on saltwire.com.

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It was Azocar’s magical moment, as he clapped his hands in excitement after rounding up the first base and excitedly getting mobbed by his teammates. He further noted his excitement, “I feel amazing because I got the opportunity and I tried to do my best and I got the results”. “I told the manager I was focused on the A-B so he gave me the opportunity to get in the box and do my thing,” Azocar added. “That’s what happens when you have a manager like that, they believe in you 100% so they give you the opportunity all the time.”

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