“Trying a bush league move”: Kyle Tucker booted out by Luis Severino, theatricals too sharp?

Kyle Tucker gets hosed at the plate while Luis Severino was adjusting PitchCom in his hat.

Kyle Tucker
Kyle Tucker

Kyle Tucker knew his move to steal the base when Luis Severino was trying to adjust his PitchCom, was going to be the headline. Either for a very clever run which could have put the Yankees in a stressful zone or the move could have turned into a headline not that good for Tucker’s name.

On Thursday night, the New York Yankees met the Houston Astros in Minutes Maid Park for a game which resulted in a 2-1 victory for the Astros. The New York Yankees were down 2-0 in the bottom of the third, Astros had two runners on in scoring position and two outs. All Yankee players had in their mind was to snatch a big stop else the runs were just pilling.

The lead to the Houston Astros was provided by Alex Bregman with a two-run double. After which Luis Severino probably couldn’t hear the instructions from catcher Jose Trevino. With Yuli Gurriel at-bat, a frustrated Severino took off his cap and started adjusting the PitchCom speaker into his ear. Kyle Tucker saw this as an opportunity but unfortunately for him, it did not work.

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Kyle Tucker couldn’t take advantage of the distracted Yankee pitcher Luis Severino

Kyle Tucker
Kyle Tucker

“It was working good and then it got loud and … it didn’t work,” Luis Severino said. “I saw him when he was like halfway, but nobody’s faster than the ball”

Both New York Yankees’ and Houston Astros’ managers had a few words to pour on the move by Kyle Tucker. Aaron Boone upon being questioned, said, “I think he showed he had the situation under control,”

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He was also Asked asked whether Severino should have asked for time out before fidgeting with the PitchCom receiver. “Yeah, you can definitely call time out and get some things set up, but I think Sevy was in command of the situation.”

Dusty Baker said, “If he throws that ball any kind of way errantly, he’s safe, I urge our guys to play aggressively and I thought he still had a chance to be safe. … That was a bold play that almost worked.”

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