Watch: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. jumping off his bench to wrangle with Nick Pivetta as he hits Alejandro Kirk by pitch

Red Sox and Blue Jays' benches clear after a hit-by-pitch.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and the brawl between Red Sox-Blue Jays

In Wednesday’s game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox, Blue Jays star Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Red Sox pitcher Nick Pivetta got into a feud after Alejandro Kirk was hit by a 94-mph fastball pitch. While Kirk was clearly not happy to be hit the pitch on his elbow, nothing immediately materialized.

Brawl after brawl, benches being cleared with players and coaches running towards each other to lock horns, is this now a pattern that teams want to set for Major League Baseball? Fans believed the fiasco between Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners was the only fight scene to be witnessed this week. Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox were not going to let these teams have all the spotlight, were they? Almost.

Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo rushed out to check on Kirk but, in the process, some words were exchanged. From there, Nick Pivetta began arguing with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. on Toronto’s bench. Shortly thereafter, both benches cleared. Running towards the diamond where the entire roster of Red Sox and Blue Jays. Fans couldn’t believe if this was a highlight of a match played earlier this week or a different one.

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Star Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Nick Pivetta had a bone to pick after Kirk’s HBP

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

The fiasco started when Nick Pivetta said, “Shut the F**k up”, to Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Although this near-brawl showcases that none but Vladimir Guerrero Jr. wanted to face-off with the pitcher. If his aggression built after Nick Pivetta’s reaction to Boston manager Alex Cora going to check on his player set off Guerrero Jr, can’t be confirmed.

Rafael Devers raced across the infield to restrain him. But whatever it was, as quickly as the verbal feud escalated between the two, it was turned down by the teammates when they took both Guerrero and Pivetta on opposite sides of the diamond. It is known that both the teams have to see each other on the field quite a lot.

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Several who were present at the game testified about Pivetta’s choice of words for Guerrero. There were no sources to confirm what Vladimir Guerrero Jr. said, but lip-reading seemed to reveal that he returned the words favour in direction of Nick Pivetta.

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