“No way I’m spending on this garbage”: Major League Baseball and their 4th July caps F**k up

A hideous and disappointing decision by the Major League Baseball towards their very own Canada's Toronto Blue Jays.

Major League Baseball
Major League Baseball 4th of July

Yet another important day and yet another controversial decision by the committee of Major League Baseball (MLB) on their apparel choices. They have proven time and time again that they can literally wreck just about anything.

With the Fourth of July weekend coming up, the Major League Baseball released a new series of hats for all 30 teams to wear from July 1-4 to celebrate Independence Day. Only, there’s an issue with the caps that have been designed for Canada’s Toronto Blue Jays: they feature the stars and stripes of the American flag.

Why Major League Baseball scuffles so rigorously to come up with decent alternate designs for team uniforms is one of life’s great mysteries when Minor League Baseball teams are able to do it so well year after year.

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Major League Baseball leaves the fans disappointed with their American Flag caps for 4th of July

Major League Baseball
Major League Baseball 4th of July

Some Toronto fans reacted to the post by the Major League Baseball – “Between the City Connect hats and the 4th of July one, the Rockies have unleashed an all-out ocular assault on us all,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Looking forward to the @MajorLeagueBaseball releasing the Canadian flag-inspired hats for the @Yankees & @RedSox and all other AMERICAN teams for Canada Day on July 1st,” another fan commented. “The @BlueJays are CANADA’S team. We don’t celebrate the 4th of July. Keep your stars & stripes away from our team & country.”

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“How unfortunate. Where is the Canada Day Blue Jays hat? Why did MLB choose to make a 4th of July hat for all teams, and not also make a Canada Day hat for ALL teams? What an ugly hat. No way am I spending $45.99 on this garbage”, tweeted another fan with respect to Major League Baseball and their decision.

“I get the 4th of July hat every year, but these are worse than hideous,” complained another fan.

This latest swing and miss from Major League Baseball is truly bizarre. And it stands to wonder if the Blue Jays will actually wear them during Canada Day weekend.

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