“He could have hit a ROSIN bag for a HOMER,” Manny Machado displays admiration towards masterly Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols achieved a level of greatness only three other players in the history of the game.

Albert Pujols
Albert Pujols

Manny Machado loves Albert Pujols. That has been proved time and again when Manny speaks about the legend. He has previously spoken clearly that for him and Juan Soto, Albert is a father figure. His helping nature and care towards the sport and who play it is just admirable.

It is indeed true, Albert Pujols has lashed at baseballs for 22 seasons, inspiring many more like Manny Machado. He is one of the best in his generation without sealing off the rest of baseball with walls. He mastered the roller-coaster of the game’s highs and lows while still sharing the keys to navigating it all with those wearing different uniforms.

Manny Machado spoke about Game 3 of the 2011 World Series, “You could even throw the rosin bag and he (Albert Pujols) was probably going to hit it out. That was just incredible. I mean, he was not missing. You could throw him whatever and he was going to hit it.”

“You could even throw the rosin bag and he was probably going to hit it out. Just that sweet swing. Even all his homers, going back — his first home run. I just admire that swing, how smooth it is, how long it stays in the path. It’s impressive.”

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Manny Machado was not happy knowing teams did not offer Albert Pujol’s a farewell tour

Manny Machado and Albert Pujols
Manny Machado and Albert Pujols

Manny Machado was asked how teams are honoring Pujols and he said, “It’s kind of (bovine dung) that teams are not giving him a farewell tour. I’ll tell you that right now. Why? Albert has been the best player in our generation to ever play this game.”

He believed just like Derek Jeter and David Ortiz, Albert should be getting the respect he deserves. He responded when two months of the MLB season had passed, and no team had saluted Albert Pujols in any manner. Now that he has reached a career 700 HRs, each team has showered respect on Twitter.

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