“Windup dance”: Mike Clevinger calls out D-Backs announcer Bob Brenly for despicable comments on his pitching

Padres Mike Clevinger’s strange happy feet on the mound had MLB fans making jokes.

Mike Clevinger and Bob Brenly
Mike Clevinger and Bob Brenly
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Mike Clevinger has seemingly got himself securing the headlines yet again. It is rare to see a baseball being gifted to a team by an umpire, but Eric Hosmer defied all odds when he did the same on Tuesday night during a showdown between the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Diego Padres. In a quick two-game series, the former team was deemed to be given an advantage by a bizarre call by the spoken-off umpire, which simply could not be tolerated by any member of the Padres.

However, after the showdown, Mike Clevinger was in no mood of letting go of former MLB manager and current Diamondbacks announcer Bob Brenly in the post-game interview. What’s even more interesting? Clevinger looked right in the camera and called out, rather challenged Brenly to come to the Padres’ locker room.

With the reason for the spoken-off personnel not being clear it is being assumed that it was Brenly and his partner discussing Mike Clevinger’s unorthodox windup technique at the beginning of the game.

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Why was Mike Clevinger so upset?

Mike Clevinger
Mike Clevinger

This is not the first time that MLB fans are witnessing any beef coming to display between Mike Clevinger and Bob Brenly. Previously his stern opinion on Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr. also caught a lot of fire. But take a look at how Padres’ right-hander lost his cool on the most recent occasion.

Brenly hasn’t been the kindest to Padres and especially his words have caused a lot of stir amongst the team’s players. However, this time around Clevinger was in no mood of letting him off the hook without some strong warning.

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Keeping that aside, for now, Padres would look to get past this brief spoilt moment and would be focusing on the four-game series against the resilient Los Angeles Dodgers. Given that the former team has been struggling in the latter part of the game in recent games, they would want to be in their best form mentally and physically in order to register wins against their name.

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