“A surreal moment” – Olivia Pichardo re-writes history as FIRST WOMAN on NCAA Divison I Varsity Baseball team

Olivia Pichardo creates a historical moment in baseball sports after being named to the NCAA Divison I varsity baseball team as the first woman.

Olivia Pichardo
Olivia Pichardo

Olivia Pichardo becomes the first woman to get into the NCAA Division I varsity baseball team. Her accomplishment not only created history but also inspired numerous women to play the sport at a collegiate level. Her dream came true along as she lined up her greatest personal record on the shelf. 

The 18-year-old Brown University undergraduate marked her historic moment, stating it as “a surreal moment” in her career. She had always dreamt of playing her beloved sport at a higher level, for which she worked since the tender age of 5. Despite baseball being a male-dominated sport, she marked her legacy with her undeniable play.

During a University press release, Olivia Pichardo stated, “It was definitely a surreal moment for me because it’s something that I’ve wanted since eighth grade”. “It’s kind of crazy to know that I’m living out my dream right now and my ideal college experience that I’ve always wanted, so that’s really cool.”

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Olivia Pichardo makes her dream come true

Olivia Pichardo
Olivia Pichardo

After an outstanding youth sports career and a stellar walk-on tryout for the Bears, Olivia Pichardo snatched the position to play the middle infield and outfield area while pitching in the game. Grant Achillies, Brown’s head coach commented that she, “put together the most complete walk-on tryout I have seen from a player since becoming a head coach.”

As the 2023 season starts, we’ll see Olivia on her jersey on the field, playing in the Division I game against Georgia State on February 24. She deeply hopes, her accomplishments will motivate other athletes likewise. The non-profit organization Baseball for All noted 18 female athletes who played college baseball since 1989. 

Though, Olivia was the first woman to make her historic stand. She further noted, “I’m just really glad that we’re having more and more female baseball players at the collegiate level, and no matter what division, it’s just really good to see this progression”. 

“It’s really paving the way for other girls in the next generation to also have these goals that they want to achieve and dream big and know that they can do it.” Olivia has previously participated in and played for USA Baseball Women’s National Team.

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