WATCH: Pablo Sandoval hits first-ever six-run home run in Baseball United

Sandoval used advantage of the "Moneyball At-Bat" feature to record his name in history books for hitting the first ever six-run home run in Baseball United.

WATCH: Pablo Sandoval hits first-ever six-run home run in Baseball United

Pablo Sandoval (Pic Credit: X)

While the 2023 MLB season has concluded, the baseball action continues around the globe. The hot topic right now in baseball if of Baseball United, the new exciting league. During its Dubai showcase All-Star game, Pablo Sandoval etched his name in baseballing history.

The former San Francisco Giants outfielder hit the first-ever six-run home run on Saturday. That’s right and there is no error in the title, the former MLB star has hit the first-ever six-run home run.


Since the development came out, many have been scratching their heads about how did this even happen. In normal baseball, the highest amount of runs a person can score through a home run is four (a grand slam). However, things are a little different in Baseball United.

The league will use a feature called “Moneyball At-Bat“. When this new rule is active, the runs scored are counted as double. So as Sandoval crushed a three-run home run, it was doubled and credited as a six-run home run. This saw his team extend their lead to 8-2 which would have been a 5-2 in normal circumstances.

East All-star sweep West All-star in exciting Baseball United showcase

The past two days have brought shock, surprise, and entertainment to baseball fans through Baseball United. The new league aimed to spread the game toward the Middle East and South Asia has seen plenty of action and unforgettable moments in the two All-Star showcase.


The first one was of 50-year-old Bartolo Colon making a triumphant return on the pitching mound. The other exciting and historic one was probably Pablo Sandoval becoming the first player to hit a six-run home run in Baseball United. The East All-Star team also showed off their dominance as they swept their opponents in the two-game showcase.

East All-Star
East All-star players celebrating the sweep (Pic Credit: X)

Having won the first game on Friday, the East all-star side edged past the West all-star 9-5. The difference in this game was undoubtedly Sandoval’s mega home run. While it may just have been two friendly games to some, the competitiveness was there to be seen, giving the East all-star the first bragging rights in this huge developing rivalry.

The baseball fans are now looking forward to the league’s first game. The four teams: Mumbai Cobras, Karachi Monarchs, Dubai Wolves, and Abu Dhabi Falcons will battle it out in the first season.


How will this league actually pan out will be interesting to see. Further updates regarding their schedule and format are likely to be released in the upcoming days as former players, veterans, and some young rising stars get ready to be a part of a new exciting league.

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