“Feel like a piece of crap,” Pete Alonso APOLOGIZES to Masyn Winn with fancy gifts after ‘brain fart’ moment in Mets vs. Cardinals game

Masyn Winn stated that Pete Alonso’s ball-throwing incident wasn’t so serious and he took matters lightly as he knew it was only an accidental case.

“Feel like a piece of crap,” Pete Alonso APOLOGIZES to Masyn Winn with fancy gifts after ‘brain fart’ moment in Mets vs. Cardinals game

Pete Alonso and Masyn Winn [Image Credit: Call to the Pen/Viva El Birdos]

All well that ends well! MLB rookie Masyn Winn did not only get his ball back from the fan but also received his second apology from NY Mets ‘Polar Bear’ Pete Alonso on Saturday. The unprecedented incident that took everyone by surprise on Friday night finally had its happy closure.

According to the latest reports, Alonso gifted the Cardinals shortstop a fancy bottle of alcohol, Don Julio 1942 Tequila, as a form of apology. Not only that, but the first baseman also gifted him a signed bat with a personalized message wishing Winn all the best for his MLB journey.

Hope you have a great career, sorry about last night, it was my mistake, I wish you well,” Alonso noted. Even on Friday night after the game, the two MLB stars talked about the ball-throwing incident and sorted matters out. ‘Polar Bear’ said to reporters that he felt “awfulafter throwing Winn’s first hit ball into the stands.

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Masyn Winn on Pete Alonso’s ball-throwing incident: “It’s really just a funny story”

Pete Alonso and Masyn Winn [Image Credit: ESPN/Twitter]
Pete Alonso and Masyn Winn [Image Credit: ESPN/Twitter]

Throwing a ball after a change is quite often seen on the baseball field. One prime example was on Friday night when New York Mets, Pete Alonso threw MLB rookie Masyn Winn’s first ball into the stands. Although Alonso’s actions were unintentional, the Cardinals’ loyals had it with him on the field.

Boos were heard when Alonso took the field twice after the incident. Fans immediately started screaming when the ball was thrown. Some even shouted out to the fan to give the ball back to Winn as it’s his first precious memento.

I feel like a piece of crap,” Alonso stated after the Mets’ 7-1 victory at Busch stadium. He said that he “feel like an idiot” stating it was a “complete bonehead move” from his side. First-hit balls are always precious to rookies as they signal the start of their new journey. The 28-year-old understood its meaning and the consequence of what could have happened if Winn didn’t get the ball back.

Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt were heard yelling at Pete Alonso from the stands asking “what the hell” was he doing? Nevertheless, Masyn Winn commented that he found the situation a bit funny and it was nothing too serious.

Winn said, “It’s really just a funny story” and he knew that it was an unintentional move. “Really a great guy.” “Sucks that it happened to him,” Winn commented. It’s alright to say that Friday’s incident was wrapped up nicely by Alonso offering an apology with gifts to the MLB rookie.

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