“Upset kings of October” President Joe Biden hosts 2021 WS titlist Atlanta Braves, Hank Aaron uprises as the spotlight

Hank Aaron holds the MLB record of most career runs batted at 2,297.

President Joe Biden with the Atlanta Braves
President Joe Biden with the Atlanta Braves

Monday, the 26th of Sept 2022 had proved to become a very lucky day for the Atlanta Braves as they were invited by President Joe Biden to the White House to commemorate their 2021 World Series Victory. Saying that the Atlanta Braves will be “forever known as the upset kings of October”.

From losing horribly in 2021 with hardly 0.500, but then turning the table to making the Atlanta Braves the winners of the World Series title 2021. Joe Biden calls their performance “history’s greatest turnarounds.” “This team has literally been part of American history for over 150 years,” Joe Biden said. “But none of it came easy … people counting you out. Heck, I know something about being counted out.”

With just a few games remaining the Atlanta Braves are behind the New York Mets by 1.5 games in the National League East but have clinched a wildcard spot for the MLB playoffs. Will the Braves be able to fulfil CEO Terry McGuirk’s wish of getting back to the White House?

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Joe Biden on Braves’ best Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron
Hank Aaron

The whole team received a very warm welcome, but it seemed as if Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, who passed away last year on the 22nd of January, was in the limelight. Nicknamed “Hammerin Hank” he was one of the best the Braves will ever have. From breaking Babe Ruth’s home run records and staying there for the next 33 years, to having 3,000 hits exclusive of any home runs.

“This is team is defined by the courage of Hank Aaron,” Biden said. McGuirk also expresses his grief for Hank Aaron, knowing if he we’re here he would have been with them on every step of their journey. “He’d have been there every step of the way with us if he was here,” McGuirk added.

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