Royals extend sympathy to victims following HORRIFIC shooting in Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade

A shooting incident took place near Unity Station parking garage which caused chaotic scenes during the Chiefs Super Bowl parade.

Royals extend sympathy to victims following HORRIFIC shooting in Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade

Shooting at Super Bowl parade (Image via People)

This past Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs etched their name in history books as they won their second straight Super Bowl title. They would follow this up a huge parade on Wednesday which later turned tragic. A massive shooting incident took place during this celebration leading to chaotic scenes.


The Kansas City Royals have now extended their sympathy to the victims of this incident. The American League Central side in their statement claimed they were pained by this “senseless” violence.

During the end of the parade, gunshots were heard near the Unity Station. While the Chiefs’ players and staff were able to relocate to safe destinations, there were some who were not that fortunate enough.

As per reports from the police, one person lost their life while 22 were left injured. Later in their press conference, the police officials claimed that they had detained three people. Check out a video on from X that shows the exact moment of the incident.


In their statement regarding this, the Royals said:

Our hearts ache from the senseless violence that took place at the parade. We stand with pour city and send our full support to victims, their families, and first responders. Kansas City, we love you.

Kansas City Royals on the shooting incident as per

Patrick Mahomes expresses excitement over Royals’ new stadium

Patrick Mahomes is right now the most talked athlete in the US. The 28-year-old Chiefs star delivered another MVP performance in Super Bowl LVIII which helped them retain the title.

Now the star quarterback is looking forward to the baseball season and has expressed his excitement over the proposed design of the Royals’ new stadium. For the unversed, Mahomes is a huge fan of baseball due to his father, Patrick Mahomes Sr. being an MLB pitcher.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes (Via Imago)

The Royals on the other hand have announced plans of new stadium and recently shared images of their new $2 billion development. This new ballpark will be constructed blocks away from the T-Mobile Center and the Power & Light district. Check them out below:


This design has left many baseball stunned including Mahomes. Despite being busy during celebrations of his third Super Bowl win, the QB claimed he “can’t wait” for this project to be completed.

This is going to be awesome!!! Can't wait!
Patrick Mahomes on Kansas City Royals’ new ballpark on X.

While the plans have now be announced, the Royals would be looking to get back in contention. The two-time World Series have not enjoyed much joy in the past few seasons.

Last year they once again finished bottom of the AL Central with a record of 56-106. They have though showed signs of a comeback and with their star player Bobby Witt Jr. signing a 11-year contract extension, the Royals would be hoping for a positive turnaround in the upcoming campaign.

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