“You cannot kill an idea”, Andrew Tate gets hospitalized claiming the matrix has attacked him prior to his court hearing

Two days prior to their court hearing, Andrew Tate is reportedly hospitalized for developing lung nodules. The discovery was made after their routine check up during custody.

“You cannot kill an idea”, Andrew Tate gets hospitalized claiming the matrix has attacked him prior to his court hearing

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Controversial kickboxer Andrew Tate is currently under hospital care along with his brother Tristan Tate, two days prior to the court hearing of the Britons after they were given a 30-day detention order by the Romanian authorities following their arrest on human trafficking charges.

The ‘hospitalization’, however, seems to be a ‘possible’ case as this information was circulated by the social media account of the internet personality, which can probably be operated by someone else, as the brothers are yet to be released from detention along with the two other Romanian civilians.


On January 8th, an alarming tweet came from Tate’s account which read as- “The Matrix has attacked me. But they misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea. Hard to Kill.” Once again, the ‘matrix’ reference was made from the account following the arrest. The first blame came hours after the Tate brother’s arrest at their Romanian residence which stated that the matrix had sent their agents.

Another crucial thing to note in the tweet is the attached news report from a Romanian news outlet, which states that a new update has come as the two brothers remain in police custody. The report mentioned that one of the brothers has ended up in the hospital. However, social media is questioning the credibility of the report, as it got posted by Tate’s account, which might not be under his possession right now.

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Andrew Tate hospitalized due to lung nodule

"You cannot kill an idea", Andrew Tate gets hospitalized claiming the matrix has attacked him prior to his court hearing
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The Romanian news report comes from several sources. One of the source comes from ‘Antena’, which states that Tate has been hospitalized due to long nodule. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, lung nodules are some small clumps of cells in the lungs which might have been developed due to some past infection.

Apparently, Andrew Tate wished to see a doctor after spending almost a week under police custody. During this time, it was informed by the doctors, to the concerned authorities that the kickboxer will require medical attention due to this case. Octavian Gliga, one of the lawyers handling the case of Tate brothers released the following statement-

"He also accused a precarious state of health in custody and a control was also necessary. It is about a very serious health problem prior to taking the measure of preventive detention and which requires a very special supervision"

This abrupt development comes a couple of days before the brothers were supposed to face their trial at the Romanian court, for the crimes that were accused against them such as human trafficking and ra*e. With the kickboxer landing up in hospital, there is a possibility that the case can be put on halt for a few days.


Social media reacts to Tate’s tweet

Twitter was flooded with a series of memes following Tate’s matrix tweet. Some of the users claimed that the matrix has not even heard about him, whereas others wished to know whether he is tweeting from the account himself or not.

Tate putting up the blame on ‘matrix’ is nothing new, as many of his followers are aware how actively he discusses about being the part of the matrix, and his inability to escape. This also came under the attention of multi-billionaire Elon Musk who suggested a way to avoid the matrix.

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