True Geordie provides proof that Andrew Tate IS a human trafficker

True Geordie provides proof that Andrew Tate IS a human trafficker

True Geordie shows proof that Andrew Tate may indeed be human trafficker (Instagram)

True Geordie in his recent podcast has found proof of Andrew Tate being a human trafficker. In his latest podcast, True Geordie has dug up an old website of Tate’s to prove that he indeed is a human trafficker.

Andrew Tate has been in the news recently for getting arrested on the grounds of human trafficking in Romania. Multiple people have reacted to it, some in support of the “Top G” and some against him. True Geordie to get his own opinion on Tate’s recent controversy dug up Tate’s old website and started reading what was on it. “‘Over 50% of the employees who were working under me were my girlfriends and none of them were in the Adult film industry before they met me’…well you’ve really introduced them to the good life”, he said.


” My job was to get women to fall in love with me…My job was to meet a girl, go on a few dates, sleep with her, test if she’s quality, get her to fall in love with me to where she’d do anything I say, and then get her on webcam so we could become rich together”, the website read. True Geordie reacts to it by saying that the courts might disagree with what he was doing to their loyalty, submission, and love towards him, indicating that he was manipulating women into doing something they were uncomfortable with.

The website further read, “Do you have a girlfriend who completely trusts your decisions, will do anything you say and loves you deeply? Yes or no.” To this statement, True Geordie goes on to give a wholesome answer saying that if the answer was yes then take care of your girlfriend and marry the girl probably, but is told by the website that he was wrong and was lying to himself.

True Geordie calls Andrew Tate a “Loverboy Human Trafficker” which means that the man would manipulate women into making them fall in love with them and then later use these women for money-making jobs. Making them think that they’re doing a certain task out of love for their man when all that is happening is that they are being used by him.


Geordie paraphrases the famous spiderman quote by adding,“…and when you have that power you put the girls on the webcam, get them earning money for you.” True Geordie allows the viewers to judge him by providing them with all the facts that the “Top G” has done. So what do you think – is Andrew Tate guilty or not?

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The Beef between True Geordie and Andrew Tate continues

Andrew Tate and True Geordie have had an ongoing beef for a while now (armyter)

Tate accused Geordie of being islamophobic when the latter made rather unacceptable comments about being a Muslim when the former converted to Islam. True Geordie made rather rude comments on his show when he heard that Tate converted to Islam.


Top G and brother Tristan Tate couldn’t handle this and took to their podcast and called True Geordie out for his Islamophobic comments about him. Following this, True Geordie made an apology video with his co-host Lawrence Mckenna to show that he has got nothing to do with being an islamophobic guy when his fellow host and best friend was a Muslim himself. True Geordie has now called Tate a “Romeo Pimp/ Loverboy Human Trafficker” with proof found on his old website.

With the ongoing beef between the two podcasters, raining down on each other during their tough times, can fight fans expect a crossover boxing with these two as the main event? Top G has previously said that he would fight True Geordie simply because of the hatred.

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