“Praying for you always” – Fans rejoice as Andrew Tate settles into life after prison with heavy training footage

Andrew Tate excites fans with a pad workout with his coach. It is the first training footage of Tate since his prison release, and fans are overjoyed.

“Praying for you always” – Fans rejoice as Andrew Tate settles into life after prison with heavy training footage

Andrew Tate (Image Courtesy - Daily Star)

Andrew Tate is a controversial kickboxer turned influencer known for his divisive takes on masculinity. Tate owns many businesses across Europe and amassed considerable wealth after retiring from kickboxing. In December last year, Tate and his brother were arrested on possible kidnapping and trafficking charges. However, after many months in jail, they were released to remain under house arrest.

Andrew Tate released his first training footage after getting released from jail. He wrote “GM” and posted a video of him doing pad work with someone. Tate started settling back into normal life after the prison sentence. He recently embarrassed a former Vice Journalist, Matt Shea, over a hit piece. Shea interviewed Tate before his arrest and edited out certain parts of the interview to make Tate look bad. However, Tate did not forget this and waited patiently for revenge.


Tate released a long-form video on his Rumble Channel. In the video, Shea calls Tate to ask for an interview. However, Tate tells him about his corrupt nature in their previous interview. He tells Shea to bring him some chocolates, and he might consider giving him an interview. Both parties agreed, and Shea arrived at Tate’s house in Romania for the interview.

Little did Shea know that Tate had planned this all along. He waited patiently for the perfect moment to get revenge on Shea. He made Shea wait outside the villa for a long time and did not give him the interview. In the end, Shea did not give Tate the chocolate, and Tate refused the interview. In a plot twist, Andrew Tate never planned to give an interview with Matt Shea. He just wanted Shea to think otherwise.

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Fans rejoice after seeing Andrew Tate return to the limelight

Andrew Tate 
Adin Ross
Andrew Tate and Adin Ross (Image Courtesy – Twitter)

Andrew Tate released a video of hitting the pads with his coach on Twitter. Tate was once banned, but Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter enabled him to return to social media. Fans took to Twitter to express joy upon seeing Tate return to his routine. After his release from jail, there were reports about Tate losing sleep and having difficulty returning to their usual routine. However, time heals all wounds as Tate returns to his normal self. Check out some of the fan reactions:

Tate and his brother will look to prove their innocence in the case against them. The former kickboxer believes that truth will prevail in the end. They require judicial permission to see anyone from outside or leave the premises.

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