WATCH: “He’ll be counting stars” – High school street fight quickly ends after boy lands a straight left from Southpaw stance

A recent street fight between high schoolers goes viral, showcasing skilled moves reminiscent of MMA but raising concerns about the normalization of violence among the younger generation.

WATCH: “He’ll be counting stars” – High school street fight quickly ends after boy lands a straight left from Southpaw stance

Street fight at high school rest room (Image via: X)

Street fights have increased in recent times due to the popularity of MMA. High school restrooms have become a frequent venue for such fights. More often than not, kids who watch street fights upload it on social media. One such street fight went viral on social media recently.


In the video, two kids who barely looked like high schoolers engaged in a fight at a restroom. One of the kids in the video wore a black hoodie, whereas the other kid wore a white T-shirt. The kid in a black hoodie knocked down the other kid. Incidentally, both kids were in a Southpaw stance, which is a rarity. After the knockdown, the kid in the white T-shirt stood up, looked in the mirror, and lost his balance.

The video ended as the kid looked to fall backward. Many other kids witnessed the fight. As all the kids who witnessed the fight looked very eager, all signs point to a pre-determined fight. Nonetheless, the straight left the kid threw to knock out his opponent was a thing of beauty.

Many Southpaw fighters in the UFC have nice straight left hands. Geoff Neal, who recently lost to Ian Garry at UFC 298, has a very good straight left hands and uppercuts. However, he was unable to land it clean on Garry. Nonetheless, some fighters had survived a clean left from Neal. Shavkat Rakhmonov is one of them.


Fight fans react to the brutal knockout in a high school street fight

The video of the high school street fight did not go unnoticed on social media. It spread like wildfire on various social media platforms and even got close to 4 million views on X alone. One of the reasons for the popularity of the video was due to the power, speed, and perfect technique of the knockout blow.

Street fight at high school rest room
Street fight at high school restroom (Image via: X)

Nonetheless, the video elicited a wide variety of reactions on X. See below how fight fans reacted to the video.

Even though some fight fans found the video to be hilarious, the majority sentiment was against it. They could not digest kids who looked barely in high school engage in unsanctioned bouts in restrooms.

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