WATCH: Hulk Hogan’s disowned nephew gets face-planted on canvas after knockout by opponent

Hulk Hogan's nephew recently got knocked out at latest Fury Challenger Series 5

WATCH: Hulk Hogan’s disowned nephew gets face-planted on canvas after knockout by opponent

Hulk Hogan's nephew gets knocked out (Image source: Imago/Twitter)

David Bollea, the nephew of the iconic WWE legend Hulk Hogan, found himself on the receiving end of a brutal knockout delivered by American fighter Paul Garza. With the controversial backstory of Bollea’s relationship with Hogan, this has left netizens enticed.

From the very beginning of the bout, it was evident that David Bollea was facing an uphill battle. Paul Garza wasted no time in asserting his dominance. And it did not take long for the fight to take a dramatic turn. In the first round, Garza unleashed a devastating left hook that left Bollea unconscious, putting an abrupt end to the contest.

David Bollea’s professional record stands at 8 wins and 2 losses. Known by the moniker ‘King’ in the fighting circuit, Bollea has trained extensively at renowned gyms. His journey has seen him compete in various promotions, with his latest fight being at the Fury Challenger Series 5.

David Bollea has faced challenges in regards to maintaining relations with his family’s most famous entity. In a notable incident from 2014, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan threatened to take legal action against his nephew for attempting to capitalize on the family name.

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What caused the rift between Hulk Hogan and his nephew David Bollea?

Hulk Hogan and David Bollea
Hulk Hogan and David Bollea are not close despite being family (Image source: Twitter)

David Bollea was once involved in a controversial TV series called “My Girlfriend Needs a Girlfriend.” There he embarked on a quest to select the perfect partner for a thr**some from a pool of 16 women. What added to the controversy was Bollea’s adopting the moniker ‘King Hogan’. This move seemed to be geared towards capitalizing on the Hogan brand.

This venture drew the ire of the legendary wrestler. In an interview with TMZ SPORTS, Hulk Hogan made it clear that his nephew lacked a deep understanding of the Hogan family’s history and had no rightful claim to exploit the family name. Hogan revealed that he and his nephew were not even close.

The WWE icon sternly stated his intent to take legal action to safeguard the integrity of the Hogan brand. David Bollea may have suffered a knockout in the MMA arena. However, his attempt to push the boundaries of the Hogan name beyond wrestling rings has left a lasting mark on his storied legacy.

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