“Fall in love with the girl he beats”- Jake Shields shares a shocking story of a Trans Skateboarder

Jake Shields tells Disney to develop a film based on the wonderful story of a trans skateboarder, who wasn't allowed to compete in the Olympics.

Ricci Tres Jake Shields
Ricci Tres and Jake Shields

Jake Shields has a long career in the sporting world of MMA. Despite the fact that fans haven’t seen the former UFC championship contender in action in quite some time, Shields is very active on social media and engages with fans on a regular basis. The former UFC fighter recently discusses a trans skateboarder who just made headlines.

Ricci Tres, 29, is a father of three and a battle veteran who was previously denied from the Olympics for having too much testosterone because despite having taken hormones her body still contains too much testosterone for her to compete. Having been assigned male at birth, Rici made the local news for winning 1st place in a New York women’s skateboarding tournament. 

Shiloh Catori, a 13-year-old girl rated 133rd in The Boardr Global Ranks, which are based on performance in skateboarding contests, was defeated by  Tres, who on the other hand, is ranked 838th. Tres won the first prize of $500 in the women’s section of The Boardr Open. 

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“Maybe it can be a romantic comedy”- Jake Shields hopes Ricci Tres finds love in Disney Film

Jake Shields Ricci Tres
Ricci Tres and Jake Shields

Jake Shields found Ricci Tres’s story to be so magical, that he suggest via a tweet that Ricci’s story should be made into a Disney Movie.

Disney is known for making movies that surround the concept of a happily ever after. The protagonist always has to go through some life-challenging obstacle before finding their bliss in life. So it isn’t a big stretch to think that Disney could actually use Rici’s story as a baseline for a new movie.

Jake shares a new clip of Tres having won the skateboarding competition while highlighting her struggles. He tweets, “I hope Disney makes a movie about this heartwarming story.” 

“Maybe it can be a romantic comedy where he falls in love with the little girl he beats,” he tweets further, before finally saying, “If it was a spoof, it could actually be hilarious.”

Jake had a terrific idea with Ricci’s narrative, which is obviously Disney movie material. What are your thoughts? Would you see a Disney movie based on this story? Tell us in the comments.

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